My experience at the #Zivame Studio @ Forum Sujana Mall, Hyderabad

While online shopping at the comfort of home is a revolution in itself, buying lingerie online has been a revelation in itself! And no one else to thank but Zivame for that!

Zivame changed the intimate wear shopping game for me with lots of options, various sizes and fits and clear details put up on their website combined with discreet shopping and easy returns! I have been an avid Zivame shopper ever since apart from randomly buying few at Marks & Spencer (more on that on a separate post!).
And when Zivame opened up their exclusive studio, its first in Hyderabad at the Forum Sujana Mall, I had to simply go!
I was confused about certain models and fits and opted to try and buy them from the studio, rather order from online and return unsatisfied. 
This post is on my personal experience at the studio.
Zivame studio is located on the second floor in the mall. 
The store is well lit and lingerie neatly hanged in various racks. Everything you see online at the Zivame portal is available at the stores and the prices are the same too! So if you find a deal online at the Zivame website, its applicable when you shop from their studio too – which is great, since not many stores follow such a policy.
Currently the studio in Hyderabad has a store manager and a fitting specialist (called Zivame advisors) – both of whom are very friendly, attentive to requirements and to top it all – have oodles of PATIENCE!
I wanted to get measured and fitted again with Zivame brands, since my online purchases were going kaput. 
The fitting room of Zivame is one of the best and is complete with basic hygience necessities like hand sanitizer, wet wipes, deodarant, tissue papers, etc. A fresh set of camisoles in different sizes is placed on the dresser too.

If you want yourself to be measured and fitted with the right size, you would be asked to change into one of the black camisoles before a Zivame advisor attends to you. 
There are hangers named Yes, No and Maybe that help tag items accordingly – the ones you want to pick, rejected and the probables!
Rani, the fitting specialist was very attentive to my requirements, had some important suggestions to make and also helped me with a lot of styles which probably I would have never bought had I been shopping online. She was very patient in getting me different sizes, styles, patterns and designs tirelessly – until I was thoroughly convinced that I have made the right choices for myself.
Sherin, the store manager is another cheerful gal who is very friendly and polite. 
Together these young ladies made sure I had a great experience trying different styles of lingerie and getting the best fits for myself – WITHOUT BEING JUDGED for anything! Both of them were not pushy in selling more things to me.
More pictures of the studio – 
Pretty Lace Bralette in Coral

Baby Doll Mein Sone Di….
Fun & Flirty Lingerie
Zelocity – Activewear

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Amazing range of sports bra for various activity types
I am mighty impressed with my first experience at the Zivame studio – both for the variety it has to offer and customer service. More on my haul in a separate post. 
Plus Zivame always has some or the other offer going on online, which is applicable at the stores too – so I might as well personally try and buy rather than go through the buy-return cycle on new models I want to experiment with!
Kudos Zivame for bringing up studios all across the country. One can also book an appointment online before hitting the stores.
2nd Floor, Forum Sujana Mall, Hyderabad
Open 9 am – 9 pm all days

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