You go Frankly Scarlet too?

Hola ladies!
How did “Black Friday” shopping go? 
I am back today with a review on a product from MAC! 🙂
MAC “Frankly Scarlet” Blush
This is among the few things that my mom left behind the last time she was here. This happens to be my first MAC blush too!
Its a matte finish and is part of MAC’s permanent collection of blushes. They make blushes in Frost, Matte, Satin, Sheertone and Sheertone Shimmer finishes.
Price – INR 1650 for 6 g.

Now anyone looking at this blush at the store may go “Ooooh so red! How does one wear such a bright red colour?” Well, as red as it may be it is the sweetest, rosy blush I have ever seen. 

It is a very intense bright red with a raspberry touch. It is a matte blush so there is not a single trace of shimmer. The formula is very smooth too.

If you run your brush over it once you will get enough colour to give your cheeks a healthy look. If you have a heavy hand or if you want a more intense look, you will have to use more but blend, blend and blend. 
I’m not saying it is difficult to blend but it has to be done thoroughly as it is very pigmented and you can end up looking like a clown or like you have actually made the effort to attain pink cheeks.

This is a blush that will look nice on you if you are fair. It looks like you are blushing naturally. It just makes the face nice and bright. 

Whenever I wear this blush, I feel there is no need for any more makeup and it gives me a wear of about 6-8 hrs. But one can combine this blush with a bright lip and black eyeliner look as well. 
If you want then you can use a bit of MAC’s strobe cream (Review soon!) on the highest point of your cheeks as a highlighter.

The only unfortunate part of this blush (in my case) is that my mum put water on it. I think she uses it wet and that has made the blush almost rock hard. To get any product out, I have to really scrub the product with my brush.

Well so long for now….This is a sweet blush and one that I absolutely love. It’s expensive but the quantity is good. It is totally worth it for the long haul if you like rosy, matte cheeks!

Fair skinned gals can buy this blush eyes closed and medium skin-toned beauties give it a check in natural light before you buy!
Get frank! Go scarlet gals! 😀

5/5 from me!

The ‘Yay’ factors – 

· Well known brand

· Very good quality

· Sweetest rosy colour

· Matte blush

· Easy to blend

· Pigmented

· Minimal fall out

· Good quantity

· Doesn’t clog pores

· MAC has an amazing range of colours to suit every skin tone

· Classy round blush tub

The ‘Nay’ factors – 

· Availability. Not every state in India has a MAC store.

· Expensive

· If you use too much you will look like a clown!

That’s it for now gals! Catch you later with another post soon! Happy weekend! 🙂
HnB Ed* – Nicely reviewed Chris! Would have loved to see this blush on you as well 🙂

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