Wunder Eye Cream

Hey lovely ones….Having Monday mashups? Well.. atleast not for me this time…

I’m loving the weather today here & sipping some hot ginger tea, enjoying the rain! πŸ™‚

If at all there is something that can bother me, even in such a serene situation… it has to be these pesky dark circles!

They keep coming n going… blame it on my late hours lappy-ing, movie night-outs or probably I was born with gloomy,tired-looking eyes… πŸ˜€

I have tried a score of eye creams & chanced upon Wunder Eye Cream, which my derma suggested me to give a shot during one of my visits to him.

Price: Think it was for some 500 bucks for 15 g.


Availability: Available at all leading chemists/pharmacies. Tell them its manufactured by Glenmark Pharma.

The way I see it:

The product comes in a dark green tube with an elongated nozzle.

The outer carton it comes with has all the details like ingredients, price, expiry & other stuff on it. You guessed it right.. I threw away mine long back! πŸ™‚

I like this handy tube, since its more hygienic than dipping fingers into jars plus can be tossed into your daily/travel bag.

The white cream is weightless & non-sticky. It absorbs easily into the skin without much effort & does not leave a greasy feel behind too.

My skin is normal-dry depending on the weather conditions.. and can safely say this works well in all climates.

It hydrates the eye area pretty well for the quantity shown in the picture below.

Okay… now does it work on dark circles? Yes… it does!

It did reduce my dark circles to good extent.. I need only very less of concealer these days or a medium coverage foundation would also do in hurry.

I have no puffiness under the eyes… My eyes are deep set in my chubby face.. so the lower lash line looks a little bulky naturally which I don’t like to be called as ‘puffed’ up πŸ˜€

This cream doesn’t work on fine lines/wrinkles though.. I got few deep ones..thanks to my ever-fluctuating weight & eye-carelessness.

The moisturization lasts whole day, works perfectly as a base for concealer – thus making it ideal for both day & night use.

Don’t expect miracles overnight or even in a week – regular, daily use is the mantra with this product to see results.

I wouldn’t say my dark circles are totally gone, but they have improved drastically with the usage of this cream!

Twice a day usage makes this tube last around 40-45 days. So for some, it could be expensive!

The ‘Yay’ factors:

  • Functional, hygienic packaging
  • Light-weight, quick absorbing cream
  • Little quantity required
  • Keeps eye area hydrated whole day
  • Prescribed by dermatologists themselves
  • Works on dark circles caused by stress & strain (late nights, irregular diet)
  • Improves dullness of the eye area
The ‘Nay’ factors:
  • Some might find this expensive
  • Not a drugstore product – available only with chemists
Improve your food & lifestyle along with usage of this product to see results… πŸ™‚ (Not me, tats my doc!)
Recommend? – Yes! Of course.. give this baby some time & it will deliver…
Repurchase? – I am close to finishing my second tube.. have some other eye creams lined up for use already. So not repurchasing this anytime soon, until my dark circles gimme a bad time! πŸ™‚

Your thoughts here...


Your thoughts here...