Wish (had not bought these) list!

Hey pretty ones…Wazzup? How are you all liking the End of Season sales all over?

I have been at the mall in the past two weekends.. and lemme tell you its a crazy atmosphere here! Every other store has a sale board hanging & is crowded to the door.

I really don’t enjoy shopping amidst such a crowd, plus can’t imagine myself trying out one of those ‘innumerably tried & strewn all over’ clothes on me! Yeeks!!

Okay.. rants apart! Coming to the post….

There are always products we buy in an impulse or plainly reading an online review.. and then it doesn’t work for you at all…

Here is a list of products I feel are not worth a purchase…

1. Vega Powder Brush

This is a very affordable brush (under 200 bucks) & fluffy at it too. I remember it shedding 1-2 bristles only during the first wash.

Then you must be wondering, why I am talking about it here??!!

I feel that the bristles prick & poke me… So disappointing! I am using this one these days to brush away dust from my laptop keys & the window sills.. 😀

2. Aloe Veda Wild Jasmine Luxury Shower Gel

When I reviewed Oxyglow Bearberry Face Wash, I had mentioned there is one another brand I hate. That happens to be this one!

I don’t know if I would ever buy products from Aloe Veda. It had 75% SLS first in the ingredients list & still claims to be natural???!!!!

Jasmine & Luxury – these 2 words got the best of me & I ordered this product online.

Disappointment would be too simple a word to say about this. It remotely smelled of jasmines… I would rather say it smelled of Santoor sometimes & pooja incense most of the times!! Buhoo…. :'(

Or are wild jasmines meant to smell this way?

I somehow managed to empty this using half on myself & placed it in the guest bathroom too 😛

3. Johnson’s Baby Skin Care Wipes

I bought the bigger size variant of this one, even without trying the smaller ones… just being confident that if it can be used on such tender ones casually, why not me??

It works pretty good in removing makeup & doesn’t sting the eye too. It is moisturizing as well.

The fragrance is a let down for me –  I would rather say the baby on the wrapper would have even turned this down, if only it had a say! 😀

The second point – the most irritating at that – you end up pulling 2 or more wipes everytime you want one!

I feel its totally unhygienic & irritating to stuff it back properly into the wrapper again!

I shall definitely not repurchase this – eyeing Himalaya next.

4. L’occitane Green Tea Solid Perfume

I bought this during the brand’s winter sale last year, with high hopes.

There are many who are fida on these solid perfumes owing to their fragrance, compact size, etc.

I plainly feel this is an over-hyped product. I rub it at the back of my ears & wrists, until the product melts in the skin and brings out the middle notes in the perfume.

The fragrance of green tea is really enticing, but the fragrance lasts only a little more than an hr. on me & at the 2nd hour only a faint smell is present.

Layering with green tea products didn’t work too.. 🙁

Its a waste of  600 bucks according to me.. luckily I got this for 360 only!

I’m sure all of you have felt about certain purchases of yours like this… I tag all of you openly here on ‘Wish (had not bought these) list’.

Do drop in a comment or your blog post link… Thankies 🙂

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Your thoughts here...