Why OPI burns holes in your pocket?

Hey beaudees..All of us love our nails and the nail paints we buy for them in all ranges, colors, brands and sizes…

I too being a nail paint lover always keep trying new brands and shades from the cheapest to the most priciest at times..  but always wondered why this much hype around OPI nail paints!

OPI nail paints are much talked about when it comes to their range of nail colors and also their pricing.

A bottle of 8-12 ml. of nail color costs as muchs as INR 350 – 500!

But why is OPI so costly?

In the nail paint world, the term is ‘Big 3’ and experts says it is actually very tough to find nail paints without this ‘Big 3’ in them.

‘Big 3’ refers to – Formaldehyde, Toluene and DBP.

Now lets know more about each of these:

Formaldehyde – It is colorless and is a gas at room temperature and has a strict pungent odour. It is generally used as a disinfectant and to preserve biological specimens. It also helps in extending shelf life of products.

It was classified as ‘human carcinogen’ in the US last year and thus forbidding usage amongst humans.

Toluene –  It is an industrial solvent and is widely known for its usage in removing cocaine from the coca-leaves for preparing the Coca-cola syrup.

Toluene is harmful just by inhaling it which causes nausea, loss of appetite, memory and vision-loss in some cases too. It is also considered as a carcinogen.

DBP – It is short for Di-Butyl Phthalate which is an additive in inks. It is considered to be an endocrine disruptor and is banned in the EU to be used in nail paints & other cosmetics since 1976.

Well, in a recent survey results published in the USA this April, the survey mentions that around 10 of 12 drugstore brands that claim to be free from the above chemicals – actually had them in good quantities!

OPI was one of the brands tested and was free of the toxic trio.

Thus I believe OPI has a different yet better formula to create their nail paints without these cheap and easily available toxics – thus making it more costlier!

While nail paint is one of the farthest items to be all- natural, OPI is definitely a safer option.

So which one are you buying next time?



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Your thoughts here...