Why I didn’t buy Maybelline Pink Alert POW2 & POW4 (though I loved them!)

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Happy Sunday! Happy Mother’s Day as well… What’s special planned for the day?

As you could have made out with the title, I was too excited about the Maybelline Pink Alert Lipsticks when they had launched a month back – particularly the shades POW2 & POW4 caught my fancy.

I had checked hoards of online swatches and had a gut feeling that somehow I had these shades already in my kitty 😛

So when I was at the store, swatching these for Swatch Santa (click on red font to check all 4 POW swatches) – it became evident what my gut felt was true after all! 😀

Here you go with the comparison swatches first, before I tell you which ones in my kitty fit perfectly for the POWs I wanted to buy….

What matched POW2 then?

The most recent lipstick launch from Avon – Avon Ultra Color Lipsticks with SPF15 in Hibiscus is a 100% percent match for POW2!

What more, not only the shade matches to-to, but I got this Avon one for less than 200 bucks & its got SPF15 too! 😀

Maybelline Pink Alert POW2 – INR 375
Avon Ultra Color Lipstick (Hibiscus) – INR 229 (On offer most times!)

So, I simply got a deal there!

By the way, Santa has got you swatches of all the shades from the Avon Ultra Lipsticks in the blog. You got swatches grouped into Pinks, Red & Corals and Browns & Wines as well.

Coming to POW4 now….

Now here is how you can get a deal, if you have been waiting for eternity for the Maybelline Colorsensational Vivids Lipstick range to launch in India, like me!

POW4 is totally same as the Maybelline Vivids Lipstick in 910 Shocking Coral.

Where Vivids is not launched in India yet & is available for purchase from Feelunique.com for about 7-8 pounds each (~ INR 800), POW4 is a steal at less than 50% the price – for just the same exact shade!

I would do a detailed review of these shades soon, so not commenting about the staying power here.

But would like to tell you, that the Vivids are really really long staying!!!! Lasts on the lips much better than a MAC for me! 😀

For the record, Maybelline Bold by Matte Lipstick MAT 1 is also the same exact shade as POW4, in a different finish.

Maybelline Vivids Lipstick (910 Shocking Coral) – INR 800
Maybelline Pink Alert Lipstick POW4 – INR 375
Maybelline Bold By Matte Lipstick (MAT 1) – INR 375

Moral of the story –

POW2 = Avon Ultra Color Lipstick SPF15 (Hibiscus)


POW4 = Maybelline Vivids Lipstick (910 Bright Coral) = Maybelline Bold by Matte Lipstick (MAT 1)


C ya soon! 🙂

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