What all I emptied in the past 4 months…

I never managed to do an empties post in the earlier months.. outta sheer laziness & being forgetful… that this post has become a collective post of the past (whopping) four months!

Now that I have gathered my guts to do an empties post of what all went to the bin from my kitty, starting December to March!

First let’s take look at ones that had a date with the bin in December…


DIY MAKEUP REMOVER – I made this one at flat 125 bucks & this has been a great DIY for me. Something that worked totally great in every aspect I expect of from a makeup remover, except some mild blurring of the eyes.

You can prepare this DIY Makeup Remover easily too. I too shall prepare this again definitely.

ORIFLAME WHITE TEA MASK – Another not-so-great product from Oriflame. It gave me temporary brightening & slight hydration & that’s the end of the story. Loaded with chemicals.

Repurchase: Never!

CLINIQUE FACE WASH – This was from my Vellvette Box(now Fab Bag). Though I adored & did a rave review about it, when I used this after a couple of months break, it broke me out like crazy. Expired thingie as usual, as expected from the sampling program! Threw this away with some product left over…

Repurchase: May be!

THE BODY SHOP GINGER SPARKLE SOAP – I really liked this ginger sparkle fragrance in my review from TBS. I started with this soap bar when on an offer & have went on to hoard all the other products in this range except the hand cream.

Repurchase: May be!

THE BODY SHOP EARTH LOVERS WATERMELON & EUCALYPTUS SHOWER GEL – The first ever time I loved a shower gel so much, that I used it every single day without having an alternate option in the bath. This product featured in my 2013 Bath & Body Favorites.

Repurchase: Think this got discontinued… 🙁

DEBORAH CLEANSING MILK – I have been using this product on & off. Though its a nice product, the huge size of it was a put off & I found it tough to finish off it completely. You can read the following HERE.

Repurchase: Nope! Too huge to finish off!

AURAVEDIC AMLA TAMARIND BODY POLISH – This was my first ever Auravedic purchase along with their facial mist. Though there have been many rave reviews on this product in other blogs, to me this a below average one. The base is creamy & nice but the granules were sparse and not that great for scrubbing.

Repurchase: Never!


THE BODY SHOP CARROT CREAM – I had 2 tubs of this and this was my second tub. The perfect winter moisturizer I have ever laid my hands on. I am gonna hit the TBS stores and pick some other moisturizer from them for the coming winters as well.. they are so good! 🙂

You might want to check the full review HERE. This got listed in my 2013 Skincare Favorites too.

LAKME EYECONIC PENCIL –  I have finished this.. only a wee bit is left which I have saved for doing a comparison posts on various kohls. I totally loved this piece of black! Yet to review it on the blog.. Shall do pucca se! This product featured in my 2013 Makeup Favorites as well.

KORRES BLACK PINE ANTI-WRINKLE EYE CREAM – Was a sample sachet that came along with my Korres Shower Gels purchase. I really liked the fragrance of this cream, it was quite moisturizing too…but somehow my eyes watered everytime I used this. This one sachet gave me  around 5-6 uses.

AVON COLOR KOHL BROWN BLACK – The worst kajal in terms of everything. It was just lying around in one of the pouches, I hated it when I tried it & tossed it away immediately.

FORREST ESSENTIALS ALOE & SANDALWOOD SUNSCREEN LOTION – Another nice product from the house of FE! Totally loved it.. one down side would be the packaging.. tough to get the product out once its close to empty. Shall do a full review soon. This product also featured in my 2013 Skincare Favorites.

L’OCCITANE IMMORTELLE PRECIOUS CREAM – Loved this cream simply! Had 2 sachets of this that came with some earlier L’occitane purchases. Its loaded with natural oils.. felt it would feel heavy or clog my pores. .which it never did. I used it in my night CTM routine & already planning to go for the full size sometime!

ORIFLAME OPTIMALS CLEANSER – Another nice cleanser I have tried.. its foamy & cleanses all possible makeup, dirt & grime. Sometimes dries out my skin a little… Cannot remove waterproof makeup though! One bottle lasted me 3 months straight with twice a day usage regularly, since all you need is a drop to create some nice foam.

LORD & BERRY EYE MAKEUP REMOVER – This again came with the Vellvette bag.. their anniversary edition I believe. Though it worked well on eye makeup removal & never stinged my eyes too.. I was skeptical to continue using it, coz I brain started thinking all products from Vellvette are expired. No playing around with the eyes… Listened to the brain’s voice for once & shunned it.


MANNINGS SPA BODY SCRUB –  This was an okie-dokie scrub. I picked up with a congested nose at the store, thinking its gonna smell of delicious oranges.but to my dismay it felt like orange candy. The scrub particles were actually corn grits that were average at scrubbing. It lathered decently well, so used it like normal shower gel.

This product featured in my listing of Beauty Misses for 2013.

AURAVEDIC VALLEY OF FLOWERS FACIAL MIST –  Picked this to refresh my dry skin through the day. Shall do a detailed review of this plus a comparison post with another leading face mist from a luxury brand.

There were so many other products that I targeted to finish off by February… and I failed to do so.

CLARINS DOUBLE SERUM – Actually chucked this out.. Didn’t use. The first item on the ingredients list is “Mineral Oil”. Just didn’t expect this of a brand like Clarins that boasts about its plant-based skincare products! Duh!


I picked up chickenpox early March & had to go on a skincare + makeup exile… I just managed to finish off two of the following stuffs –

MAC LIP CONDITIONER – My HG lip care product for sure! You can check out its review HERE
Best for the dry winter months… you can use it in the summers too, but it tends to melt a little.

KORRES SHOWER GEL – GUAVA – Have mixed feeling about this product. Shall do a detailed review soon.

C ya soon with another post! 🙂

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