What things you need to retire and when?

Hello gals…I am excited about the nearing month-end… how about you?

My mind screams “paycheck-paycheck” now! 🙂

I was cleaning my stash last evening and checking out for stuffs about to expire and those that I need to use up quick before expiry.

I also wanted to change some of my products since the city is slowly getting warmed up (as if we had winters here!)

That is when the concept of this post perked up on my mind.

As the title goes, we are gonna talk about products that you need to retire this New Year… Let’s take a look at them one by one..


In the lookout for full coverage foundation that covers up every flaw in our face, we all end up buying products that make the skin look cakey & flaky.

On top of this they can clog the pores, inspite of the claim “non-comedogenic”.

Many full coverage foundations in the market also claim themselves to be “mineral-based” which is not the case. We have only a handful of products in the country that actually contain the mineral goodness.

My take:

Chuck your full coverage foundation now!

Switch to a tinted moisturizer & cover up blemishes with a good concealer instead. Top it up with a loose setting powder.

Get that natural look instead of looking porcelain.

A light or medium coverage foundation can also be tried to bring about better coverage.


Every MUA & opthalmologist in the world would vouch for the fact that – a mascara needs to be ditched 3 months from when it was opened.

However reputed or pricy a mascara may be, its formula can withstand only 3 months from the date of opening.

The mascara could clump more easily or can cause irritation or infection to the eyes.

My take:

If you don’t remember when you had opened a fresh mascara tube last time, now is the time to trash it.

Since its just January now, you get a fresh mascara yourself & easily remember to throw it by end of March.

Even if your mascara is not clumping or causing any irritation to your eyes – please throw it away!

Another suggestion would be to buy mascaras from drug store brands that are affordable & won’t hurt your pocket when trashed.


This is another little known topic.

Just like your mascara, your lip balms too come with their own shelf-life since opening.

Yes – your lip balm is worth applying only 6 months from the time you started its usage!

We either apply chapsticks directly on our lips or dig the balm out using our fingers – both of which are unhygienic.

My take:

Mark the month on the label of the chapstick or lip balm jar using a permanent marker or sketch pen – to easily keep track of usage period.

Apply some hand sanitizer before digging your fingers into the lip balm jar.


These are stuff that generally don’t come tagged with a manufactured or expiry date.So, you are left with your own senses to decide & toss them out.

Chuck your nail paints if they appear to have a change in – either color, consistency or smell.

My take:

Again use a marker to make note of the month you purchased your nail paint. Whenever you find a change in the above mentioned characteristics, refer the month & toss it out.

Never dilute thickened or solidified nail paints using a nail enamel remover and start reusing them. Understand that its formula has undergone a change and is of no good to your nails.

These were my two cent gals.. on what to throw & what to shelf & track in this New Year!

Hope you liked this post… 🙂

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