VLCC Pediglow Kit

Dear ones..Reviewing VLCC’s Pediglow Kit this time… which I am totally in love with.

I bought this kit a couple of weeks ago after reading and hearing a lot of positive stuff about it.. I am too impressed with this kit and feel its worth the money!

Well.. lets get into wat the kit has in store and how good they are…

To startwith, the kit has four products in it (in the order of their usage):

  • Foot Cleanser – 100ml.
  • Foot Scrub – 50g.
  • Foot Cream – 50g.
  • Foot Spray – 100ml.


Price: INR 425  (One can buy this online in Urbantouch for INR 359 only)

Shelf life: 3 years


It comes in a plastic wrap like how toothbrushes come, inserted with a orange card to describe the products and their usage. The same thing is printed on each of the product in the kit, so one can live away with the plastic wrap and the paper card.

The packaging is simple yet catchy. All the product labels are in orange – bright and attractive. The individual containers are also good.

The cleanser comes in a flip-open cap while the foot spray comes in a pump style as the name goes.
The foot scrub and cream come in sturdy, wide-mouthed tubs with an inner plastic lid.

The kit as such can be stored in the plastic wrap it comes in and thus becoming handy during travel too.

Let’s review each of these products in the kit individually:

Step 1: VLCC Pediglow Foot Cleanser

Ingredients: Soapnut, Margosa, Daruhaldi, Shikakai, Dalchini, Lemongrass oil, Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate.

Product claim: This deep cleanser with Soapnut & Margosa removes pollutants from the pores and softens thick tissue. It also fights against foot infections and harmful germs.

How to use: Add 4 tsp. full of the foot cleanser to a bucket of warm water. Soak your feet for 15-20 mins. Rinse and wipe with a hot towel.


The way I see it:

The foot cleanser has a strong smell of lemongrass oil inspite of having other strong scented ingredients in it. I am just wondering what is SLES doing when there is already soapnut and shikakai.

The product doesn’t lather much and I feel is just an average cleanser but for the fragrance which I love. Since there are not many foot cleansers or foot soak products available in the country, one can definitely get the job done using this.

I usually add mineral bath salts too to my foot soak, which I did while I using this too for a relaxed and refreshing time.

HnB rating: 3/5

Step 2: VLCC Pediglow Foot Scrub

Ingredients: Walnut shell powder, Lemongrass oil, Fenugreek, Glycerin, Triclosan, Allantoin, Salicylic acid.

Product claim: This exquisite scrub goes in a long way in ensuring beautiful feet. Walnut exfoliates foot’s dead tissue while Lemongrass stimulates blood circulation to keep your feet healthy.

How to use: Apply the foot scrub well and massage into the cuticles for about 5 mins. Scrub the dead tissues and gently clean the foot cracks, if any. Wipe off with a hot towel.



The way I see it:

I really love this foot scrub, not just for its exotic lemongrass fragrance but also for the job it does.

The scrub is pale brown in color with dark and light-brown granules in it. The granules are rightly sized and are not abrasive.. which made me wonder if I can have this applied to the face too!!! 🙂

A little quantity for each foot goes in a long way to have them neatly scrubbed. It gets rid of the dead tissue and the rough skin over the heels and no pressure required while scrubbing.

HnB rating: 4.5/5

Step 3: VLCC Pediglow Foot Cream

Ingredients: Orange oil, Fenugreek, Margosa, Cocoa butter, Olive oil, Menthol.

Product claim: An ultra softening cream with cocoa butter & orange oil. A complete reviver made of select herbs, that nourish your feet.

How to use: Apply the foot cream generously all over your feet and massage well into your cuticles for about 10 mins. Wipe off with a hot towel.



The way I see it:

Well.. the ingredients list has everything one looks for a in any moisturiser or cream… soothing and calming elements blended into one..

The cream not just looks like butter, but is also buttery to apply – absorbing quickly into the skin and not making it feel oily or greasy.

HnB rating: 4/5

Step 4: VLCC Pediglow Foot Spray

Ingredients: Patchouli oil, Liquorice, Lemongrass oil, Menthol, Triclosan, Glycerin.

Product claim: The foot spray provides you the odourless feet. Patchouli & Lemongrass oil cast a fresh spell and Costus’ antiseptic properties keep infections at bay.

How to use: Spray the Pediglow foot spray all over your feet. Feel the freshness that gets you ticking.


The way I see it:

Again the spray has aromatic components which helps in making one’s feet relaxed or refreshed. Also it has anti-bacterial and hydrating agents which are a step ahead to rejuvenating one’s feet after a long day.

I use this not only while using the kit, but also after a lengthy day at work, when my feet feel really tired and I am totally in no mood to apply any foot cream before hitting the bed.

HnB rating: 4/5

The ‘Yes’ factors:

  • Great pricing
  • Impressive ingredients
  • Decent packaging
  • Relaxing and refreshing

The ‘Nay’ factors:

  • The foot cleanser has SLES
  • Doubtful about the presence of parabens
  • The tub tends to get messy

Overall rating: 4/5

This pedicure kit is a must buy – which is totally affordable and one can do it at the comfort of home watching TV or chatting with family.

One kit can be purchased for the price of one aromatherapy pedicure in the parlour – but can be used for number of times, thereby totally affordable and pocket friendly. No worry about hygiene too… 🙂

This a must-have and a great pick at a cool price!


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