VLCC Fruits Anti-Tan Face Pack – Review!

Hey buddies..Today I will be reviewing a face pack from VLCC’ Sun Safe Range.

It is the VLCC Fruits Anti-Tan Pack.

I have been using this┬ásince June, once in a week and finished the product as well. Reviewing it for you all before I throw away the tube ­čÖé

Price: INR 175 for 85 g.

See the pic below for ingredients list & what the product claims.


It comes in a bright yellow plastic tube with a dark blue screw-on lid – just like how toothpaste is packaged!

The tube is pretty sturdy whereas the lid is prone to damage. Mine broke even without dropping or tampering with it.

The way I see it:

I had been to the nearby VLCC parlour for a facial & I had asked for an anti-tan one. After the facial was done, I felt really nice about how my skin felt and it looked a lot more brighter.

The beautician mentioned that I achieved good results in just a single sitting (wat a business tycoon she was!) & pushed this face pack into my cart!

This is the story behind this purchase – otherwise IMO – all VLCC products are duds!!!

This face pack contains cucumber & pineapple which are know for their skin lightening & brightening properties. But it doesn’t even smell anywhere close to these two.

I am just not able to define the smell – even after sniffing it umpteen times. Sandal? Shaving cream? I give up!

The face pack is pale yellow in color and of very thick & dry┬áconsistency – thicker than tight clay!

There is also product wastage since the face pack sticks to the sides of the tube and dries up there only.. leaving less to use.

It gets applied smoothly on the skin and dries very quickly as well – in just 5 minutes. I usually spray some rose water upon it and massage a little and leave it for 10 more minutes.

There is slight tingling sensation upon application which fades in 2-3 minutes.

It is easy to remove and yes it does stretch the skin a little bit. A moisturiser is a must post this pack.

The result is a soft, brightened face which lasts for say over the evening. And you are back to square one the next day!

Though it claims suitable for all skin types, I think it is ideal for combination-oily skin types. It dries my already dry skin a little more.

It has not helped me with my tan but probably it might work on light/recent tans.

Overall, its a okie-dokie face pack – no regrets if you missed it too!

The ‘Yes’ factors:

  • Tube packaging
  • Impressive ingredients
  • Dries quickly
  • Decent pricing
  • Can be used atleast 10 times easily
  • Suitable for combination-oily skin
  • Might help on light tan

The ‘Nay’ factors:

  • Weird fragrance
  • Drying/stetchy on the skin
  • Flimsy cap
  • Doesn’t work on old tan
  • Brightness is short-lived

HnB rating: 3/5

Repurchase? – Never!

Recommend? – Only if you have a light tan and not dry-skinned.


P.S. – I am sorry about the pictures.. I don’t understand why my cam took fuzzy pics.

Your thoughts here...


Your thoughts here...