Vedic Line Fig & Honey Moisturizer – Review!

Heyya gals…How are you all doing? Howz the week faring?

Today’s review is on a skin care product – Vedic Line Fig & Honey Moisturizer!

You all must be aware of the brand Vedic Line – which has come up with quite a few good products and claim that their products are free of parabens & sulphates.

I received this product as a free gift along with few purchases of mine on UT.

Lets see how this product fared ahead..

Price & Ingredients: See pics below.

Quantity: 50 ml.

Shelf life: 3 yrs.


It comes in a yellowish-brown tube with a screwable lid in plastic.  Wish the lid was a flip-open one!

The packaging is travel-friendly & hygienic being a tube. It ain’t anything attractive or classy, but simple & functional.

What the product claims:

With natural moisturizers.

Protects and keeps skin healthy. Maintains suppleness.

The way I see it:

The consistency of this product is in between a cream and lotion which is off-white in color.

Next big thing you will notice about this product, is its fragrance. A very different, endearing & herbalish one it is!

I totally love the fragrance of this moisturizer.. though it hardly lasts for say 30 mins..

Coming to the ability of this product, it has good hydrating properties for about 6 hrs. even in air-conditioned areas.

Believe me.. my skin is dry.. this helped combat dryness for good amount of time…

Ideal as a summer lotion! Might not be that moisturising in the drier months…

The quantity I received was good enough for trial and to decide if one really wants to go ahead with the big size.

I quite like this product – notably its fragrance!

The ‘Yes’ factors:

  • Sample sizes available
  • Peculiar fragrance
  • Travel-friendly packaging
  • Good moisturizer for summers

The ‘Nay’ factors:

  • Could have come in a flip-open tube

Nothing else really..!

HnB rating: 4.5/5

Repurchase? – May be. for the fragrance factor! Or for my travel kit…

Recommend? – Sure! Give it a try.. ideal for all skin types..


Your thoughts here...


Your thoughts here...