Vaadi Herbals Instaglow Almond & Honey Face Pack – Love it!

Hey all..

I have been wanting to share about this great face pack find of mine with you all for a while now.

Vaadi Herbals Instaglow Almond & Honey Face Pack it is!

There is not one single thing that I do not like or have to complain about this product… Read on to know more as to why I am going gung-ho about this face pack…..

Let’s see each facet of this product and my thoughts on the same one by one –

Price – INR 90 for 120 g.

Availability – In most online shopping portals. Can be brought from – the brand’s official website as well.

Ingredients – See below pic. Only key ingredients are listed.

Packaging – 

The mask comes in a classy tube packaging – travel-friendly and hygienic.

The way I see it – 

I do not like to spend all the energy I got from eating breakfast into squeezing a pea-size of the mask from the tube.

The mask consistency in this case is like that of a toothpaste – creamy, easy to squeeze, applies like a dream and to wash off too.

The fragrance is very mild and soothing –  mild nutty and spicy owing to almonds & nutmeg in its ingredients.

It dries off quickly in about 10 minutes time but does not stretch out the skin.

It suits my normal-dry skin (leaning to drier in winters) to the ‘T’. I wouldn’t call it moisturizing but it ain’t drying either.

My face is brightened up nicely, looks more even-toned with every usage. It gives a nice glow true to its name and thus perfect for before-party perk me ups!

Above all – one can use this every single day without issues of breakouts or budget! I am!

Hands down, one of the best masks I have ever used and I am definitely stocking up on these in multiples.

PR Sample – Brutally honest review!