Vaadi Herbals Chandan Kesar Haldi Fairness Face Pack

Hey all….I am back with another product from the brand Vaadi Herbals.

This time its their – Chandan Kesar Haldi Fairness Face Pack.

Price: INR 68 for 100 g.

Shelf life: 3 yrs.


It comes in a wide-mouthed white plastic tub with a screw-on lid. There is an inner seal to ensure non-tampering & freshness of the product.

What the product claims:

The way I see it:

The pack is a fine paste of thick consistency in pale yellow color.

The fragrance is quite natural & reminds me somehow of ‘Santoor’… 😀

Being a thick paste, its quite easy to apply on the face either with a brush or your fingers. You can also try using the back of a flat spoon for the same… 😀

The pack dries off quickly in 10-12 minutes time. It does not make skin feel stretchy or dry.. but I did notice a couple of dry patches where my nose meets my cheek(s).

My face is brightened to very good extent after each use & there is a natural glow to my face, though both are short-lived..for about 3 hrs.

As to the fairness claim, I don’t really believe in one nor did this face pack make me fair. It just brightens my face.

It did not give me any breakouts, though it gave a tingling sensation upon application.

This product gives a feel good thingie since the fragrance is natural & not artificially scented.

One tube would last really long time even if used regularly (say twice a week).

Though how much of kesar & chandan has gone into it is left for imagination – since both being pricey ingredients & renowned magic potions for the skin, and the product being so very reasonably priced!

Overall, a decent & budget-friendly product from the brand.

HnB Ed – Product sent by brand for review. My review is honest as usual.

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Your thoughts here...