TryorTrade Sampling Service – Coupon Update!

Hey buddies….I had mentioned about TryorTrade Sampling Box service in my earlier post.

Many of us faced issue with the coupon ‘SUMMERBLAST’ to avail 50% discount.

I had written to the TryorTrade team on this & here you go with the details –

1. The coupon ‘SUMMERBLAST’ has been inactivated.

2. Most samples in the site have already been discounted by 50% from their original price. Hence, the coupon deactivation.

3. But wait, its not over yet.

All subscribers can avail 15% discount on their total box value by using the coupon – ADDITIONAL15.

Which simply means you can avail upto 65% (50%+15%) off on most samples… 🙂

4. TryorTrade also mentioned that they are adding more products soon to their line.

So if you are planning to shop for samples from TryorTrade – try using the new coupon code mentioned.

Please let know in the comments if all went through fine or you faced any other issue with the coupon.

I shall try to help you out in whatever simple means I can… Good day! 🙂

Your thoughts here...

Your thoughts here...