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Rosehip Oil has made facial oils the “IT” thing in the beauty industry and of course for a good cause -also why not when Kate Middleton personally swears by and recommends it!They are loaded with antioxidants and Vitamin C and one of the purest concoctions of nature.

Trilogy is the brand that comes to my mind when we say rosehip oil – this brand is highly regarded not only for it, but also for a complete range of products with rosehip oil as the main ingredient.


What is Rosehip Oil?

Rosehip is nothing but the bulgy part termed as ‘hip’ on which the rose petals are held on to as a flower. Once the petals wither, the fruit left out is the rosehip, full of nutrient-rich oil and antioxidants.

Rosehips are collected carefully and pressed to extract rosehip oil which is loaded with Vitamin C and other skin-saving ingredients like Vitamin A and essential fatty acids.

My Skin Type

I have normal-dry skin with some dry patches around the nose area.

My Thoughts

I shall be reviewing the Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil in this post. There is another variant available now – Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+ as well with fortified goodness.

The product comes in a deep brown tinted glass bottle with a dropper. All details about the product are available on the label. One bottle would last 2 months or more easily, if used twice a day.

Yes, though rosehip oil is loaded with Vitamin C, its safe to use in the day as well. It does not make your skin photo-sensitive, but that doesn’t mean you can skip your sun protection.

When I started using this product, my skin was going through a rough phase – it was dry around the corners, looked dull and dehydrated. I was looking for some miracle to turnaround my skin for better. And this was gifted to me by Renji (of Makeupholic World) for Christmas!

Initially I started using this only once a day – in my night time skin care routine. I used to take about 4 drops of the oil, dot it all over my face and then with soft pat and rub motions let it sink in my skin.

In spite of being an oil, this gets absorbed into the skin so easily and doesn’t leave a greasy film behind. The fragrance is a little strange, it doesn’t smell of roses definitely if you are thinking so but it ain’t worse too. It has kind of some botanical smell I feel, if that makes any sense!

I also found that rather applying this on bare skin, applying this just over toner or facial mist spritzed skin, helped it absorb much better and faster. It also kind of gave me an immediate glow.

With regular use of a week, I could see that my dry patches around the nose and mouth area were no more and my foundation glided much smoothly on the skin.

Also with nightly use, my morning skin glowed from within and showed no signs of dryness.

After about a week’s use and seeing good difference with dryness on my skin, I incorporated it in my morning regime as well. Sometimes, I would skip using this all over the face but mix a drop or two with my foundation and apply for a dewy finish.

This particularly worked great with my Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Foundation (Cashew).

I did not face any purging or breakouts with this oil, but it did not help improve existing dry acne I had around my jaw line back then.

A total of 4 drops is all I needed for the complete face including eyes and 2 drops for the neck area.

The bottle is non-messy during travel, just that one has to pack it carefully to avoid intransit damage.





This product helped me look into facial oils in a different perspective and also was instrumental in being careful about what products I put on my skin – today I am very selective about products I apply on my face and body when it comes to its ingredients, their sources and the brand’s commitment to earth, humans and animal (atleast in skincare, its going to be sometime for makeup).

I definitely recommend Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil to beauties of all skin types for a power-packed step in your skincare regime and I am myself dying to try a variety of Trilogy products – particularly their cleansing balm and antioxidant+ rosehip oil.

PRICEUSD 39.90/NZD 47.99 for 45 ml. Availabe in 20 ml. and 30 ml. variants too.

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