The Pink Series #4 – Is weight a risk factor?

Hey lovelies…Wazzup??? How ya all doing??

Today yet another post for the Pink Series.

Today’s topic is how much is weight a risk factor when it comes to breast cancer…

We all know pretty much about how being over-weight or obese can cause your body various troubles.. but can weight be an additive factor too for cancer???

Get ready to hear a big YES! Atleast in the case of breast cancer – weight is one of the biggest risk factors!

Read on to know how…

Body weight plays a crucial role as a risk factor to breast cancer in women.

Post-menopausal women are more vulnerable to this, in case they are over-weight too.

A recent study in 2011, reveals that women in pre-menopausal years, who had a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 30 or higher, were found to have a 35-40% increased risk of acquiring breast cancer, comparatively to their thinner counterparts.

Why weight becomes a major factor?

Researchers say the increased risk is most likely due to fat that stores estrogen.

The more fat cells one has, the more estrogen one’s body stores.

As we discussed in our earlier post, excess estrogen is a known cause for increased breast cancer risk!

Points to ponder:

1. Always have a check on your weight. Doesn’t mean you have to starve and then start binging once you have lost weight.

2. Make it a point to have atleast one portion of fruits & raw vegetables in your diet everyday.

3. Get your BMI calculated twice a year. Calculate your BMI here.


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