The Pink Series #3 – Hair color increases the risk?!

Heyya pals..Another post today for the Pink Series.

This is another popular claim that we hear from most people.. even doctors.



Well…I too learnt something new this time… that some hair colors are estrogen-based!!!

Surprise! Surprise!!

It has been an established fact that excessive estrogen in the body cause breast cancer.

Thus frequent hair coloring results in estrogen being absorbed by the body, causing cancer.


Yes! It is true that estrogen could be absorbed by the body through frequent hair coloring and even by salon specialists who work with these products day & night.

But, the quantity that is being absorbed has been verified to be too small to eventually turn carcinogenic.

Also there is no convincing evidence available till date, to prove that frequent hair coloring increases the risk of breast cancer.

Points to Ponder:

Let hair colors be carcinogenic or not…. it is always good to keep your hair away from chemical treatments & hair colors overloaded with chemicals.

Use henna – the natural colorant for your hair color adventures…. or.. start loving the original color of your hair! 🙂

A healthy, lively hair is all the more attractive than what shade of the rainbow it has on it!

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