The Pink Series #2 – Does using a deodorant cause breast cancer?

Hey pretty ones…Is there any gal who doesn’t love pink on this earth?

Now there is a great reason behind liking pink too… “Breast Cancer Awareness”.

Here’s a list of what all facts/thoughts people keep giving you about it… that you should NEVER EVER BELIEVE IN!

Bust some myths for you through this series on breast cancer awareness…



There is a theory that anti-perspirants one applies to their under arms prevents one from sweating – thereby causing the toxins not getting flushed out of the system.

There are suggestions that these toxins get clumped in our lymph nodes and cause lumps in the breast leading to cancer.

Another view is that deodorants & anti-perspirants contain aluminium which is found to be carcinogenic.

There are also thoughts that parabens present in the deodorants get absorbed by the body and cause cancer.


Researchers from Seattle have established that there is no link between anti-perspirants & breast cancer.

Also there is no link proven between parabens & breast cancer, though in 2004 a tissue sample did show traces of parabens present.

Points to ponder:

“Less is always good” – so lesser use of anti-perspirants is recommended and keep yourself clean to avoid excess sweating and odour.

Never apply any chemical/product on cut or broken skin post waxing or shaving – this could turn really harmful by letting the chemicals seep inside more easily.

Use body splashes that are devoid of parabens & alcohol. Care for yourself and for the nature too!


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