The Body Shop Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask

Sleeping masks and multi-masking is all the latest rage in the world of skincare and beauty now! I happened to join this bandwagon very recently with a K-beauty sleeping pack (shall review soon!) before I came across this gorgeous glass jar from The Body Shop!THE BODY SHOP DROPS OF YOUTH BOUNCY SLEEPING MASK

PRICE – INR 2295 for 90 ml

INGREDIENTS – Complete list available on the outer carton.


Discover our Drops of Youth™ Bouncy Sleeping Mask, enriched with Edelweiss stem cells. Designed to be left on while you sleep, this overnight mask leaves skin looking bouncier and feeling replenished. Discover how this mask will bounce your skin back to youth.

• Youth-enhancing formula for bouncier, younger-looking skin
• Unique bouncy, memory shape texture
• To complete your skin care routine, pair perfectly with Nutriganics Drops of Youth Concentrate and Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate
PACKAGING – First, I have to talk about the packaging! This all-night mask comes in a gorgeous but heavy green glass jar with a white lid. Quite heavy and one has to be careful every time they lift it for use!
It comes with a spatula to dig out the product for each use.
TEXTURE – The thick white mask has the most unique texture I have ever come across in a skincare product! Its thick, gooey, bouncy, gel-like and has its own memory! Whoa!
The sleeping mask is a water-based cream that is quite thick as I mentioned and goes a little uneven on the skin. You need to massage it a little for the product to absorb nicely into the skin. The Body Shop had also come with a 5-step mini massage process for the same.
Something that truly amazes me is the memory technology the product – once you scoop out some mask out of the jar, within seconds the contents of the jar goes back to a smooth finish like before as if nothing was dug out! Adorable! Edelweiss stem cells in action may be!?
There is too much product in this huge jar and since only a very little is required every time – its going to last ages!
This bouncy sleeping mask claims to hydrate and plump your skin making it look fresh and feel bouncy. This mask is supposed to be the last product you apply on your skin in your night skincare regime.



After having used this product regularly for exactly 45 days – I present my thorough, honest review before you all….
I apply a thin layer of this mask over my night cream and do a light 2-minute massage until the product gets completely absorbed into my skin. Morning I wake up to well hydrated, bouncy skin that glows.
I have normal-dry skin with some dry patches near the nose area and I can very well see that they are hydrated pretty good. No dry patches even after washing the face with a foaming cleanser! There are times when I felt my skin looks flat and needs some good TLC… but with the regular use of this bouncy mask, my skin always looks plump and healthy.
I have some dry acne (adult acne probably) around my mouth area – this product has not irritated them or cause any new breakouts though its extremely hydrating! Appreciate that!
If you have oily/combination skin, you might skip a night cream and proceed with this sleeping mask directly after serum application – to avoid over-hydration and breakouts there on.
This product does not interfere with your regular schedule of other AHA/BHA/Retinol/Vitamin C based products. I have personally tested it with AHA and Vitamin C skincare stuff and faced no issues at all.
One might feel the facial skin to be a little sticky after applying this mask – but with the right amount of product and massaging action, you may not feel the stickiness or much lesser than before. It does take a couple of uses to make out how much product you actually need for each use.
Since the product comes in a wide-mouthed jar with huge product quantity, I strongly recommend using a spatula to take out required for product for each use to avoid contamination and skin issues later.
I love using this mask over the day time too – I apply a slightly thick layer of this mask and put it on as long as I want… sometimes even an hour! It semi-dries and the skin starts feeling to tighten up, that is when I remove it off. My makeup just glides into the skin after this.
I also personally feel this is the best way to hydrate to my dry skin and also to empty the product and reap all its goodness!
A con I have to mention – the presence of dimethicone in the 4th place in the ingredients list is worrisome to me!
Highly recommend to include this sleeping mask to your night skincare routine and have hydrated, bouncy skin throughout the year! 🙂
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