The Body Shop Carrot Moisture Cream

Hey all…

Reviewing about my favorite facial moisturizer these days – The Body Shop Carrot Moisture Cream!

The cream is special – not just because I love using it, but also for the fact that Renji of Makeupholic World gifted me 2 tubs of this awesome product!

<3 & :* to Renji 😀

Quantity: 50 ml.

Shelf life: 3 yrs.

The way I see it:

I got a tub of this cream as a gift when Renji was stopping over at my place earlier this January.

The carrot cream is a medium consistency product in peach shade & smells lovely.

Not of carrots though! Infact I am really not able to make out what it smells like… :B

It does its jobs well…. spreads well, gets absorbed into the skin in a jiffy & hasn’t broken me out even once!

The moisturization lasts whole day… I usually tend to get dry patches around the nose & corner of the lips during the dry months but am yet to notice them this year around.. Amazing I would call it!

Since my city gets all heated up as early as February only, I coudn’t use this on my normal-dry skin.. coz this product is extremely moisturising & I ended up looking greasy/oily all the time I tried it back then!

Come monsoon & winter, this product has been my go-to moisturizer everyday.. to the extent that I skipped my usual night cream & started using this carrot cream for the night routine too.

When I raved & raved about this product to Renji.. she was generous to hand over another tub of it to me! :happy dance:

 I am already done with one tub & half way through my second tub of this cream now… Using it stingily these days as I’m sure I won’t be able to lay my hands on this wonderful product ever again!

Cause this product has been discontinued by TBS and not available any more in their website.. There are a lot of ‘TBS carrot cream’ fans doing petitions to bring this product back in line…

Until then…Let’s just hope it does!

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Your thoughts here...