The Body Shop Aqua Lily Body Mist

By Christina.

Hey lovely ones…

The Body Shop Aqua Lily Body Mist is a wonderful, imaginative blue or some describe it as a brilliant turquoise with a breath taking pink shimmer.

It is just a color and not a type of lily…

Price: INR 795Quantity: 100 ml

Check out the below picture.
This body mist is easy to carry around, looks very feminine and will fit in the tiniest of sling bags and can be applied over and over again.
It comes in a sturdy and travel friendly plastic bottle with a spray nozzle.
What the product claims:A luxurious, velvety body moisturizer that leaves the skin feeling soft, smooth and subtly scented with the joyous, blissful Aqua Lily fragrance – a fresh water floral scent to uplift, exhilarate and inspire. Ideal for those who enjoy wearing fresh, floral fragrances. Spritz over the body anytime throughout the day to top up your fragrance and leave the skin feeling refreshed.

  • Top notes of green apple, watermelon, dewy bamboo, tangerine and pink pepper – combine to create the fragrant top notes, provide the initial scent of the fragrance, awaken and stimulate the senses.
  • Middle or heart notes of muguet, lily, rose, violet and reseda – combine to create the floral heart notes that vibrate across the fragrance.
  • Base notes of cedar wood and musk – combine to create the soft amber base notes.

What are ‘notes’?

Notes are descriptors of scents that can be sensed upon the application of a perfume. The term is used by perfumers to describe the approximate scents to a layman.
The way I see it:  Now many consider a’ body mist’ an unnecessary luxury, but for many it is a savior.

There are many who suffer from unpleasant body odour. No matter how much they bathe or change their clothes –  the smell just seems to hover around them. It can really hamper one’s social and work life.
In such cases, a perfumed body wash, followed by a body mist, deo/antiperspirant and perfumed cream can do wonders.
It is but obvious that a woman’s body smells different at different times of the month and if you feel embarrassed about it, well here is a remedy.
When spritzed on the skin
The scent is really nice. You’ll feel fresh and ready for the rest of the day.
If you want to smell nice at night but do not want to use a  perfume, then this is the kind of scent for you. Your spouse will not notice you trying too hard.
It’s a soothing fragrance. Does not cause headaches and keeps the body smelling fresh like you just got outta the shower.The Body Shop Aqua Lily Body Mist does not stain the clothes nor sting the skin.

It can safely be applied on both without any hesitation. It can safely be sprayed onto your little girls as well.The ‘Yay’ factors:

§ Good product from a reputed International brand.

§ Cute, lightweight spritzing bottle

§ Travel friendly and easy to carry in the smallest of bags

§ Easy to use

§ 2 spritzes is enough to give you a fresh scent

§ Can be sprayed onto the skin directly

§ Does not stain clothes

§ Suitable to be worn at night after a shower

§ Fresh watery and floral fragrance

§ Very good for people who suffer from unnatural body odour

The ‘Nay’ factors:

§ Pricey as always

§ Available only at TBS stores

§ Too many fakes in the market

Repurchase/Recommend? –  I was not too tempted to get a second bottle but got another spritzer from FACES – fruit frappe. It’s cheaper, as nice and double the quantity.

HnB Ed: As usual – a detailed, lovely review Christina… I shall check out the fragrance next time at the TBS store.. And yeah.. Upper Canada (Faces) has some really nice products at gr8 prices 🙂

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