The Best Women’s Day Ever! :)

Heyya people…I was sitting on the couch in a state of ‘I might die any moment!’ & now keying in this post with all the energy I could have ever gathered!

You got it right… Today is women’s day & I did get something…

I actually kept nagging hubby asking what he is gonna get me for women’s day plus reminded him that I am on a shopping ban & he should encourage me with some nice gestures ;P

And yo! He surprised me totally today…

Take a look 😀

A basic black wallet has been missing in my wardrobe for sometime now.. I believe I was thinking too loud about it, which resulted in this 🙂

This one is pretty simple, but classy & totally functional…

We messed up with our pen drive sometime back and rendered it useless… and I badly wanted a replacement.. tat wish too got fulfilled.

I got two not just one! (probably one is for hubby himself??)

And we had a simple & lovely pizza party… had two of my favorite pizzas.. 🙂

Overall, this was the best women’s day ever for me!

I m sure you too had a gr8 day!

Happy weekend folks! 🙂


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