The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Creamy Body Wash

By Christina.Hey friends,

Here is another TBS product reviewed by me for the TBS Sunday feature in the blog.

This time I am gonna talk about – The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Creamy Body Wash.

I got this TBS Cocoa Butter Creamy Body Wash along with the TBS Cocoa Butter Hand & Body Lotion for my birthday last September.

It was the first time that I was using both a cream and body wash of the same range for a complete regime. I generally mix and match – but this time I was going to use both products faithfully with one another.
Price: INR 395 for 250 ml.
Shelf life: 3 yrs.
What the product claims:
Rich cleansing for soft supple skin. Use as part of you Cocoa Butter daily skin care routine to help increase skin elasticity and suppleness.
The packaging is the regular plastic bottle with a flip top cap.  It is sturdy and can be carted easily.
The way I see it:
It seemed to be an awesome wash for then approaching season – winter. Cocoa Butter
seemed to be the best thing to moisturize both in the shower and out of it.
The consistency is creamy and not too
thick.  Just a table spoon of it
is quite sufficient for the whole body.
The body wash does not lather too
much.  It has its share of SLS – but I
think its quantity is quite less.
I have
a Forest Essentials body wash, where one table spoon can lather up an elephant… 😀
The one thing I have noticed is that it
does not strip the skin to its driest.
The skin feels quite nice even an hour after your shower in spite of not moisturizing it.
There are those shower
gels and creams that leave your skin parched such that you see white dry
patches of skin immediately.
My only complaint is the fragrance!!
If you unscrew the cap and put your nose in
it, you will be able to smell soapy-cocoa.
One can hardly smell it while bathing and once outta shower the
scent is almost nil.
If you are looking
for a creamy body wash then this is a good option.
In any season and no matter what your skin type, your skin always needs
The ‘Yay’ factors:
  • Cruelty free brand
  • Simple, functional packaging
  • Goodness of cocoa butter
  • Affordable for the given quantity
  • Decent pricing
  • Would suit most skin types
  • Hydrating body wash
  • Does not lather much
  • Suitable for entire family usage
The ‘Nay’ factors:
  • Fragrance doesn’t linger around
  • Has parabens
HnB rating: 4/5
Summary – 
I do like it very much except I wish it had a stronger smell.
There is enough lather to please everyone and a table spoon is enough for the entire body.
It contains the goodness of Cocoa butter so it is a good buy.
Suitable for all at home, it can be paired with the Cocoa Butter Hand & Body Lotion for best results and a complete regime.


HnB Ed – Yet another nice review Chris.. but cocoa or chocolate are definitely not my things when it comes to fragrance… but yes a creamy body wash is a must for me too, no matter which season it is! 🙂

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