TBS Sunday – The Body Shop Foundation & Lip/Concealer Brush

Review by Christina.Hey gals… I am back with another review.. this time its the The Body Shop Makeup brushes for the blog’s ‘TBS Sunday’ feature!

This review will showcase two of my absolutely favorite brushes –  The Body Shop Foundation Brush & The Body Shop Lip/Concealer Brush.

I bought both of them about 6 years back and I must say that they are still going strong and perform excellently.

Price: INR 1395 (2013)
This flat tapered brush is of very good quality one and works brilliantly with liquid foundation.
I hardly use liquid foundation but for the few times that I have – I’ve found that it gives an even and flawless air-brushed finish.
The brush contains synthetic hair and it is specially cut to feel gentle on the skin.
It bends easily without contorting.
The density of the hair helps pick up enough product each time thus giving you a flawless, even and streak-less application.
It will withstand daily use for a long time without flattening or changing shape!
To use it you have to squeeze an appropriate amount of your selected foundation onto the back of your hand, dab the brush in it and sweep it all over the face.
Price: INR 500 (2013)

Now this is one of my favourite brushes.

When I bought it, I thought it was a concealer brush for under-eye application. When I reached home to try it out, I realized that this dual purpose brush was meant to outline and paint lips or to precision apply concealer. I might’ve been dreaming while I was shopping because I did not know what I had purchased.
I had never used a lip brush until I got this one and absolutely loved the way my lipstick looked on application.
The super soft synthetic hair used in this brush layers the lipstick evenly so you can choose how much you want on.
You can get the look of your choice with either a tint on your lips or you can have a full on effect.
To use it as a lipstick brush you have to apply the lip product to the tip of the brush and then use it to contour and fill lips.Now as a concealer brush for under the eyes, this is an absolute no-no. This brush was mainly bought for that purpose but I realised it absolutely cannot be used for the under-eye area.

Not only is it too small but it also tugs at the skin.
It is what you call a spot concealer brush. It can hide blemishes and scars well.
To use it as a spot concealer you have to gently dab a small amount onto blemishes and then wipe off the excess and blend.
The ‘Yay’ factors:
Both the brushes:
  • Elegant design
  • High quality
  • Even application
  • Long life
  • Extremely soft
  • Cruelty free
  • Good value for money
  • Does not shed bristles on washing
  • Easy to hold
  • Easy to wash
TBS Foundation Brush:
  • Gives a flawless & easy foundation application
  • Natural, air-brushed finish
  • Provides good coverage with less amount of foundation
TBS Lip/Concealer Brush:
  • Applies lipstick beautifully
  • Also works well with lip balms
  • Ideal for spot concealing
The ‘Nay’ factors:
Both the brushes:
  • Pricey
TBS Foundation Brush:
Nothing really.
TBS Lip/Concealer Brush:
  • Doesn’t conceal dark circles well
  • Tugs at the skin
  • Too small for the under-eye area

Both the brushes are worth having. If you use makeup on a daily basis, investing in good brushes is a must.

I would not complain about the price also, because they are really good and long lasting. Very worth it!I’d give both a 4/5.

HnB Ed – Wow.. need to take a look at the TBS brushes now.. Never bothered anything more than skincare at TBS while at the stores 🙂

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