Swatch Santa – 4 Inglot Lipstick Refills

Hey all…Its been quite sometime Swatch Santa visited us here, ain’t it?

So here he is with swatches of 4 Inglot lipstick refills from my kitty.

I picked all these refills over Majorbrands’ Inglot offer in May & this month.


Swatches first…

Here you go with the shade details –

From top-bottom, they are –

1. Shade # 38 – This is a bright & poppy orangy red. Famed as the dupe for MAC Scarlet Ibis lipstick from the LE Marilyn Monroe Collection.

2. Shade # 39 – This is a lovely rosy brown shade.

3. Shade # 56 – This is a nice peachy coral shade.

4. Shade # 73 – Its a pretty coral pink. A little more pinker than Shade # 56.

The above swatches are under natural lighting.

Here is one indoors under white light –

They don’t have shimmers or not frosty either… but have a sheeny finish!

All the lipsticks finish semi-matte on the lips…

Well.. more on those later in the actual review posts.. Just enjoy the swatches for now!

If you have been wondering what are those numbers on the refill covers right on top, its my habit of noting down the expiry dates on products with a marker.

I am sure all of you would have atleast one these lipstick refills…. 🙂

How many do you own & What are your favorite shades?

Do drop in the comments below.. Will help me in my next haul :p

Your thoughts here...


Your thoughts here...