Sunscreen Myths 2/3 – Enough UVA protection from natural sunscreens?

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Myth #2 – Natural sunscreens do not offer enough protection against UVA rays.

Well, everyone must be agreeing that UVA rays protection is just as important as protection from UVB radiation.

Unfortunately, there is lot of confusion also around what constitutes UVA protection.

Myth Buster:

UVA rays are the longer wavelengths in the solar spectrum. They can penetrate far more deeper into the skin    than the UVB ones.

Mexoryl is the most commonly known ingredient that is known to protect from UVA rays.

I remember seeing Mexoryl as a major ingredient in one of the L’oreal Derma Expertise sunscreen I used, couple of years back. It is also found in the Garnier Sun Expert range.

Researchers say, the common problem with Mexoryl or even avobenzone stabilized with octocrylene, break down fairly quick in the presence of UV radiation, requiring frequent re-application.

Titanium dioxide too falls short in this case.

Here is a comparison on various sunscreen elements & how effective they are on UV radiation –

The best choice is zinc oxide here, which protects across not only UVB rays, but also UVA & its entire range.

Thus, the best protection against UVA rays is offered by zinc oxide – found in natural sunscreens.


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