Sunscreen Myths 1/3 – Natural Vs. Chemical Sunscreen

Heyya people….Its turning hot, hotter, hottest here in Hyderabad… Howz it in your city?

How can we not talk about sunscreens in summer??? 🙂

Here is a series of posts coming your way to bust the general myths around sunscreens & their usage.

Myth #1 – Natural sunscreens are not as effective as conventional chemical sunscreens.

A sunscreen with SPF 30 can prevent around 97% of UVB rays from penetrating the skin.

This is either done by absorbing (as with a sunscreen) or by reflecting (as with a sunblock) UVB radiation.

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Myth buster:

Researchers mention that chemical UV absorbers break down & are not stable UV reflectors.

Studies also show that chemicals like oxybenzone break down quickly, that they can release free radicals that damage the skin – than if you wore no sunscreen at all.

While chemical sunscreens offer higher SPF ratings, their lack of stability can create as much damage as the sun itself.

Natural sunscreens containing non-nano zinc oxide are much more effective in the long run, researchers say, because they are much more stable.

Note: I am no doctor or researcher. This post is just a knowledge share where certain myths about sunscreen protection is being brought to light.


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  • i second this, Chem free (natural sunscreen) are the ones with zinc oxide and or Titanium oxide as their primary ingredients , these stick the the surface of the skin and reflect the UVA/UVB rays away rather than absorbing it. they spread easily as the particles are super small, and are less tacky. so we need to apply lesser product on to the skin. i have tried this personally these are way effective esp. the ones which have both zinc oxide and Titanium oxide. but unfortunately, in India , I have yet to find such product. I had the privilege to use such products in US/UK. But basically its high time Indian consumers should not fall for so called "natural extracts" like "carrot extract" or "redwood extracts" rather should demand a full list of ingredients and even start reading these lists.

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