Whatz in your Summer Vacation Essentials Kit??

By Christina.This is a small post on what I am taking on my short holiday.

It’s my husband’s birthday on the 25th of May and I generally like to give him something nice because he hardly does anything for himself and is always stressed and overworked.
Last year I took him to the TAJ, Mumbai for the weekend and this year we are going to Goa. It is a much needed break for him really!I am not too excited about it because Goa is my home – but Sandeep sure is. The word Goa gives him a high.

For now, I am just dreading the horrid tan that I know I will come back with… 😀
Anyways, while I was packing my bag I thought I would take pictures of the few essentials that I am taking with me to Goa- that would make up for a nice summer holiday essentials kit! 🙂
Pictured are –
  • Clinique SPF 30 – Sunscreen for the body

Most important. Forget everything else but not your sunscreen.

  • Clarins UV PLUS HP SPF 40 – For the face

Most awesome. Gives a glow and you don’t need anything else.

  • KIELHL’S Ultra Facial Toner – Sample
  • KIEHL’S Ultra Facial Cream – Sample
  • Forever Living Aloe Lips

Multi purpose for cuts and bruises too – Rate it ***** 5 stars

  • Maybelline Lip gloss – For dinner at night.

Have to dress up because they all dress up there for dinner. No nightie business.

I haven’t been home for so long and I’ve forgotten how to be a Goan. Mumbai’s ‘chalta hai’ attitude doesn’t work everywhere.. 🙂

  • Illamasqua’s Magnetism Lipstick – For the day.

Just a bit of color or I’ll look like a zombie 😀

  • The TBS Orange Body Mist – Awesome and light.

If you are going to get migraines in the sun then this is the fragrance for you. Layer it and use it 100 times. It just smells so fresh.

  • TBS Facial Cotton pads– For the toner

Considering the horrible weather in Goa at the moment I couldn’t think of carrying any make-up. I also know I won’t wear any.

If you are wondering about soap and shampoo well the resort will have some FE or something going on.
You can see the resort we are going to. It’s called the Sofala http://www.thesofala.com/ See you in a week.

HnB Ed: Wishing Sandeep a very happy birthday..though belated.. (this post was supposed to be up yest!)..Hope you guys are having a blast in Goa…I am loving the floral travel bag..would love to steal that from u.. 🙂 
Gals…. what else would you pack in your summer travel essentials kit? 

Your thoughts here...


Your thoughts here...