SK II Cleansing Gel

Heeelo peepull….. How ya doing?I am having a mid-week crisis again.. feeling too low….Donno why! 🙁

Hopefully writing this post & spending some time on the blog, peps up my mood! 🙂

Let’s see about the SK II Cleansing Gel today.

I got a sample size of this in my Aug’13 Vellvette bag & had already briefed on this a little in my Aug’13 empties post too.

Its a very tiny tube, that of the size of my ring finger and should contain product for only 3 uses.

However, I didn’t bother to use it more than once… Read on to know why..

The cleanser is a translucent, pearly gel with medium thick consistency.

I threw this tube immediately into the bin right after the first use.

It smelled AWFUL! DISGUSTING! STALE! I am at loss of words to describe how it smelled…

It didn’t lather at all…. and I couldn’t stand the stale fragrance…  I felt like I would almost puke if I had it one more second on me!

Overall, SK II – the most expensive brand in the world, proved to be the most disastrous smelling product I have ever tried!

I am really not bothered about not having SK II products in my vanity, if they are gonna smell this gr8! 😛

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Your thoughts here...