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Hello everyone!

It’s that time of the year when you are surrounded by SALE! SALE! SALE! Everywhere..
Are you an avid online shopper like me?

Love to make use of every good deal on the earth and hoard stuff while on offers?Excited to know how to get a little more discount over & above the varied offers?

Here comes – CouponDunia to your rescue!

What is CouponDunia?

CouponDunia is an one-stop coupon shop.

Here you get to find, discount & offer coupons of virtually every online shopping store in the country.

CouponDunia also sends daily alerts of the offers available in each store to you by mail.

How do one use CouponDunia?

Imagine you wanted to pick something from HomeShop18.

We all know, HomeShop18 already gives huge discounts on its own for products on sale.

Still, I would recommend you to take a look at CouponDunia – before you make the actual purchase.

You will get to see a big list of coupons available in the site exclusive for HomeShop18.

Doesn’t that sound great? All offers at one glance.. plus some exclusive ones from CouponDunia too….Yay!!

CouponDunia offers discount coupons on almost all the major online shopping stores in India – and there are so many other stores too, that probably you might not have come across before.

Check out some Snapdeal Coupons here.

Yes! Its true! So many sites like MiraiStore, Digaaz & many more are new to me as well…

A true eye-opener CouponDunia turned out to be… with some gr8 discounts!! 😀

Wait..Its not over yet!

You can activate to receive daily alerts from CouponDunia for a particular store that you think you shop quite frequently from. This way, you are always kept informed of the amazing offers from CouponDunia.. and don’t miss any!

Some useful tips:

1. Most Popular Online Stores section

This section covers the biggest & most popular online shopping stores in the country – the likes of Myntra Coupons.

When you place your mouse on each of the store name, you get to know how many discount coupons are currently active for each of them.

Clicking on the particular store’s icon will lead you to all active coupons you can make use of right away.

2. Latest Coupons section 

Everyday new coupons are being rolled out by CouponDunia for various sites here.

Make sure to check out this section everyday, to see if there is some new offer you would love to grab.Checkout some latest Dominos Coupons  too.

3. Featured Coupons 

Here is a big list of less familiar online shopping stores, but with some great deals from CouponDunia.

Wanna order some flowers & cake for Valentine’s Day at some cool price?
You know where to check now 😀
Activating a deal is just a click away! So easy-peasy…CouponDunia also takes immediate, online feedback too – on whether a particular coupon worked for you or not. This way you can be assured that you are getting the best of service.

I have made it a point to check out CouponDunia before shopping online everytime… How about you?Stay updated with CouponDunia in Facebook too.

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