Shopping ban is over!

Hey lovelies…My shopping ban got over yesterday! 😀

I took a little ill in the past week, hence decided against posting a shopping ban update…

March is over.. so is the self-imposed ban.

It was quite a learning for me! I bet… 🙂

Take-aways for me from the ban:

1. I am more sensible a shopaholic that I am… No cravings, no impulsive purchases.

I guess I was plainly amateur so far…This one month has made me realize where I go wrong & how to mend ways.

You can lock me up in a store now.. and clock your time to see the reformed me 😀

2. No need for such a ban in the future is what I have decided…rather adjudged myself so.

3. I am much more determined as a person too.. much resolved about decisions I make.

How I sailed through it?

Here are few tips that I followed & would like to share with you all too… (to help out in case you are planning to get on a ban too)

1. Publicize that you are on a ban. It would help you think twice, before you think you might go wrong.

2. Tell people close to you (mom, hubby,sis, BFF) to affectionately admonish you (in private though!), when you are about to falter from your resolve.

3. Stop checking out offers/discounts/sale on all of the websites, if you are a regular online shopper like me.

4. Post daily/weekly/monthly updates on the ban or whenever you feel like doing one – if you have a blog. This helps you keep motivated.

5. Organize your closet – so that you are aware of how much stuff you are good in stock & don’t need to shop in the recent times.

6. More importantly, decide on what all stuffs you are banning yourself from shopping. In my case, I banned myself from almost everything – cosmetics, personal care, books, clothes, accessories, household stuff, etc.

You might want to ban yourself on only one area – where you think you are spending big bucks.

7. Setup a realistic deadline to your ban. Don’t be over-ambitious & set tougher deadlines or longer durations. One can always re-visit the deadline & extend if required.

You might end up straining & stressing yourself thinking about the ban and its end date, rather than being proud about how good you have fared in all these days.

This might also cause you break your ban before time, in turn making you feel low about yourself.

8. Do not accept offers like ‘take now, pay later’. This is nothing but similar to using a credit card.

Shopping is more about buying & stocking things – not on making payments!

9. Talk about your ban to people close to you,  whom you think would lend a ear to your ramblings… 🙂

This gives you a sense of pride & keeps you motivated.

10. Last, but definitely not the least – openly ask for some pampering!

You might be on a ban in the month of your birthday, anniversary or some festival would just be round the corner.

Ask your parents, hubby or boy-friend directly or indirectly that you want some special attention from them this time around, since you are on a ban.

They should be more than happy to spend those extra bucks for you – to keep you going.

After all, you are saving a lot in ‘their’ terms by being on a shopping ban.. :p

I am happy that I sailed through my ban successfully & wish all the ones out there on a ban or proposing a ban – all the very best!!!! 🙂

Special mention to mom & hubby who stood ground with me through the ban & showered some unexpected gifts & dine-outs! Love u guys.. 😀

I am officially now out of the self-imposed ban… hope the take-aways stay with me for times to come 😀

Hope this post was helpful to you in one or the other way! 😀




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