Shopping Ban Challenge: Week 2 Round-Up

Hello people…Week 2 of March is over… Here’s an update for myself & to the world.. 🙂

Week 2 (Shopping Ban Challenge)

The second week too flew past without a single temptation…

Actually I was too held up with deadlines plus a working weekend last time, I was totally drained of energy this week.

I & Hubby did shop something yesterday.. We actually went to the famous Karachi Bakery here & carted out some nice pastries, cookies & breads.. 😀

That was hubby’s way of treating the ‘tired’ wife who ‘refused to cook dinner’ on Wednesday night 🙂

All in all.. a good week… and yo!

I am meeting couple of blogger friends from Hyderabad tomorrow!

So, happy that the weekend is ticking off on a good note 🙂

C’ya next week with the similar update! Happy weekend! 😀



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