Shopping Ban Challenge: Week 1 Round-Up

Hey all..Daily updates on the shopping ban were getting way too monotonous plus was getting tough on me too, since I am quite loaded at office also.

So, going forward we will have a weekly round-up on this.

Week 1 (Shopping Ban Challenge)

Week 1 flew by too quick for me… being pre-occupied at work helped a lot in sailing through this week for sure!

Of all these 7 days, I felt a little tempted to pick something only today – just today – that too on account of Women’s day tomorrow!

I was actually planning to ask hubby to gift something for me that I actually wanted from an international shopping site..

But decided against it as well… I am indirectly cheating myself on this ban if I tell somebody to get so & so stuff for me out of their pocket calling it a ‘gift’.

So, goodness prevailed over… and I managed to get over the teeny-weeny temptation too 🙂

Overall, a great week for me… so much encouragement & support from the blogosphere, family & friends.. I am overwhelmed & feel confident much more than Day 1 now.

Yes, I shared this info with my colleagues & close friends too.. so that they can remind in case they think I am faltering 😀

Stay tuned for an update again next week on Mar 14(Week 2)…

Until then…

Wishing you all a very HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY!!!

Each one of you are special in your own way… Go on! Take on the world! 😀

Stay beautiful & keep smiling 🙂



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