Shopping Ban Challenge – Day 1 of 31

My Shopping Ban is world famous now!! (kidding…)I shall be posting daily updates on this everyday… Stay tuned! 🙂

Day 1/31 (Shopping Ban)

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I literally felt no urge to shop for something…

In fact was feeling happy that things I would otherwise have purchased, were already sold out… 🙂

Plus there is so much support out there…

Aarthi, Preetha, Nids, Ketakee, Awungshi, Shalini (and unknown many) are also on a similar path….

The feeling that I am not in this alone and there are so many dear ones who feel & do the same as myself.. gives me immense CONFIDENCE & SOLIDARITY!

Cheers everyone & to myself!!! 😀



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  • Can never be on a ban like tat cuz I dn splurge 😛 My guilt and mumma's *the look* is enuf to stop me 😉 I gt to grab the revlon Lip balm stains 😀 Hope this tempts u enuf 😛 Yea am evil 😀 Kudos to ur ban 😉

    • wow tats too cool.. its always good tat u don't splurge n don't regret later 🙂 kudos!

      lol.. go get one… i shall grab tat from u when i get to meet u in chennai.. :evil grin: 😀

  • hey revs…goof going…lets together start this ban…me too on ban from today…for 1 month….although i subcribed for vellvette box for 6 month today,but that is saving money to some extent…no more now….and renu's tips are great and helpful too i think 🙂

  • I'm almost ending my ban (mid-March). It would have ended by March 6 but the extra is punishment for breaking the ban at MUA. In fairness, the offer was for a limited time and everyone else did it so my own parents encouraged me to take advantage to save the money 🙁
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    • wohoo.. tats gr8 Renu!!! pls do share how u fared thru the ban?

      was it really tough?? coz i see tat i can smoothly sail thru the ban whereas many others say its tuf to resist 😀

    • Here's what I've been doing for the last month:
      1. Put everything you almost buy or want to buy on an Excel file. Keep looking at your stash and go to the Excel file and delete stuff you don't want. Now I have only six items in the Excel file.
      2. Pretend everything is on it's way in the mail and will reach your address in a month.
      3. The Vellvette box and Enchantess bag helped a lot!
      4. I joined a tonne of giveaways.
      5. Now I have more money to blow up next week – think of that!
      6. Use the time to research what you really want to own. And what you regret buying.
      It wasn't that tough actually; I only regret not buying the Rimmel Apocalips from an Int'l website – now they're out of stock (aaaaaaaargh). The rest of the items can wait.
      MUA's offer wouldn't have lasted so my dad said he would sponsor it so I could save on offers and instead I needn't spend on it after the ban. Still, I broke the ban 🙁
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    • hey.. i m gonna try this excel thingie.. as of now i m noting down everything in my gray matter… never know when an impulsive rush is gonna erase it off 🙂

      yeah.. i too subscribed for 3 months of vellvette in jan only.. so its gonna be a welcome change! 🙂

      plus i m having my in-laws dropping in over the fag end of the month… so i m sure i wil not shop over the last week of march 😛

      thanks for sharing dear! 🙂 <3

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