SEPHORA COLLECTION Disney Minnie-ature Cream Lip Stain Set

The Sephora Disney Minnie-ature Cream Lip Stain Set is a limited edition kit, part of Sephora’s Disney Minnie Beauty Makeup Collection for Spring 2016.

This lip stain set comes in a pretty black and gold polka dot collectible tin case – which is quite good in size and can be used to store something. I already to put it to use in storing my makeup sponges and wedges.

There is also a pretty Disney Minnie charm that comes along in this set and all other products in this collection.

5 Sephora Lip Creams are housed in this set, some of which are permanent shades too.

I have always wanted to try their lip creams being a liquid lipstick fan myself and this set is a great option at value for money price.

Price: USD 36 (~ INR 2500)

If you are a fan of liquid lipsticks with a little lustrous finish, you will love these.

Let’s take a look at the set now..

There are five shades in this set –

Always Red
Whipped Blush
Mandarin Muse
African Violet
Peach Tart

The formula is quite thinner in consistency for a lip cream but has full color pay-off. One swipe delivers amazing color. They have a mild fruity fragrance.

These are primarily liquid lipsticks – not just a lip stain as they are named. These dry to a semi-matte or satin-matte finish making them comfortable on the lips.

But they can look a lot drier on already dry lips – so prepping your lips before using these lip creams are a must!

They do transfer a little but the intensity of the color is not affected. These stay put on me easily for 5-6 hrs. with light meals and snacks.

As with any other shade, the darker colors fade lesser than the lighter ones and all these shades leave a very faint tint behind on the lips.

My favorite shades are African Violet and Always Red.

These are out of stock in USA now, but if you are lucky you might be able to grab one from Canada like I did.

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