Sattvik Organics Mint Magic Antiseptic Cleansing Gel

Hey dear ones,I am back with another review on another lovely product!

Its the Sattvik Organics Mint Magic Antiseptic Cleanser with Mint & Neem.

Well… I have set the tone already of what to expect in this review. So without much delay & dialogs, let’s see about the product in detail.

Price: INR 89 for 40 g., INR 149 for 100 g.


What the product claims:

The way I see it:

This is the second product I am trying from the brand – Sattvik Organics. I had earlier tried Sattvik Organics Sun Ban Tan Removal Cream from their house.

Its crazily hot in Hyderabad plus a lot drier too, which is causing my usual normal-dry skin to go little oily.

This product came to my hands in the right time…This gel claims to be an ‘antiseptic cleanser’ with mint & neem extracts.

The product is a thick gel in bright green. It smells strongly of mint.

The gel claims to act as a makeup remover too. Well, honestly I haven’t tried it as a makeup remover so far, since I can’t really imagine myself rubbing a gel all over my face with makeup on! 🙂

It is a great cleanser & also comes handy as a massaging gel. Infact, I use it everyday as a massaging gel post cleansing.

You just need some gel equal to 2 peas for a single use over the face & neck.

It spreads easily when mixed with water & does not clump or become rubbery during usage.

The best thing about this gel & what drags me to use this everytime is – the tingling, cooling sensation.

It tingles mildly immediately upon application, hence better not to rub this gel too close to your eyes.

A nice cooling sensation follows – which I am totally in love with!

The cooling effect not only stays just while you are using the product, but 5-10 minutes even after you have washed your face.

I spritz some rose water on my face & neck, after using this gel – to prolong the cooling sensation for 5 more minutes.

The product helps control whatever little oiliness I had on the face well. Hence, I am sure this would work well on combination-oily skinned beauties.

In just 2 uses, this gel also helped dry couple of breakouts I had – thanks to Vedantika Herbals Instant Glow Pack & my newly acquired sticky, oily skin.

Overall, I am really satisfied with this product. This is definitely gonna be a summer staple for me.

The only hiccup is the 40 g sized tub, that would get over in 10-12 days with twice daily usage.

The ‘Yay’ factors:

  • Functional packaging
  • Attractively colored
  • Fresh mint fragrance
  • Spreads evenly
  • Tingles & provides cooling sensation
  • Very little required for each usage
  • Controls oil in the skin
  • Helps dry zits (truly antiseptic!)
The ‘Nay’ factors:
  • Wish it comes with a spatula
Repurchase/Recommend? – Of course, I am repurchasing another 40 g. tub for this summer & gonna make it a summer staple for me going forward.
If not for anything else, this product is worth buying just for the icy-cool feeling it gives with each use! Totally recommend!
HnB Ed: This product was sent by the brand for review. My review is 100% honest. My skin comes first before any brand for me.

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