Revlon Plumpsexxxy Lip Color in Violet Attitude

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Here is a review of Revlon Plumpsexxxy Lip Color in Violet Attitude (Shade #53).

I received this lippie as a free gift with one of my earlier Revlon purchases at the store.

Price: INR 630 for 4 g.

What the product claims:

  • Clinically-proven Plumping and Firming Effects
  • Ground Breaking Tri-peptide Technology
  • Hydrates Natural Seaweed Complex
  • Boosts Lip Moisture and Firmness
  • Β Increases Volume for Plumper Lips
The lipstick comes in a dull gold packaging with the shade details mentioned in the bottom label. The lipstick cap is made of transparent plastic, to help in making out the shade.
Sturdy yet unfriendly packaging, if you own more than 1 lipstick from the same range!
The way I see it:
As I said this was a free gift with other Revlon purchases, but I didn’t have the option to choose the shade I wanted.
There were only 2 shades marked for free gifts – this one & another brown shade. I chose this over the brown lippie.. though I don’t like mauves much, I felt it was better than a brown that wouldn’t suit me!
The shade in concern – Violet Attitude is a true mauve.
The bullet does have some micro-shimmers in pink, but upon application there is no shimmer visible on the lips.
The lipstick is creamy to apply and is also moisturizing on the lips. It glides easily & gives a mild tingling feeling on the lips upon application – probably the plumping ingredients are at work?!
It stays put on the lips for about 2-3 hrs. without meals/drinks.. does stay back after a meal & leaves a very mild pink tint on the lips.
It does transfer when it comes in contact with glasses & cups..
It does not fade unevenly nor is the tingling too scary to have on the lips – but I haven’t seen any plumping up of the lips as claimed by this product.
This shade would suit fair to medium skin tones better, dusky beauties can give this a try at the counter before purchase to ensure it doesn’t wash them out.
The lipstick has a glossy finish which I really like.
If you love mauves, this is one of the good choices available in the market.
The ‘Yay’ factors:
  • Classic packaging
  • True mauve shade
  • Creamy & moisturizing
  • No shimmers
  • Mild tingling feel upon application
  • Would suit fair to medium skin tones best
  • Leaves a mild pink tint
The ‘Nay’ factors:
  • Price
  • Staying power is low/average
  • No plumping effect observed as such
I am not much into mauves.. so just looking to finish off this lippie soon.. or try using it until it expires! πŸ™‚
For the given price & staying power, I am not looking to pick any other shade from the same range too.. though I really like how creamy & moisturizing it feels on my dry lips!
Have you tried any lipstick from Revlon’s Plumpsexxxy range? What has been your experience?
Any must try shade from this range gals?

Your thoughts here...


Your thoughts here...