Revlon Colorstay One Stroke Defining Eyeliner in Glazed Green

Good evening gals!I have been wanting to review this pencil for long & finally managed today to do so.

So, here is the review of Revlon Colorstay One Stroke Defining Eyeliner in the shade Glazed Green.

Price: INR 550 for 1.2 g.

Shelf life: 3 yrs. (printed on the pencil)

The way I see it:

These pretty wooden pencils come in the shade of the eyeliner with cute & classy golden fonts, making these pencils really attractive.

The product is really creamy & one swipe delivers good pigmentation… yes these are really well pigmented.

The shade in concern, ‘Glazed Green’ is a pretty peacock green with very fine silver shimmers. You can barely notice them in the swatch below.

The shimmers are not much in quantity in the pencil, but give a nice sheen when applied on the eye.

I have used this on the waterline too & didn’t have any issues or irritation.

The staying power is amazing.. it stays put the whole day (around 8-9 hrs) on my upper lashline with minimal fading towards the later hours.

I mostly stay indoors in an air-conditioned environment, so had no issues with the staying power.

On the lower lashline too, it stayed decently well for some 4 hrs.

But in my waterline, it stayed put barely for 1-1.5 hrs & then started smudging… the problem is with my watery eyes.. no product seems to sit quite on it for long time! 🙂

This pencil is smudge-proof but not water-proof… I had tough time trying to smudge this heart on my hand.. 🙂

It is water resistant though.. doesn’t run away immediately with water.. but is not stubborn against water completely too!

I really liked everything about this pencil.. but for the price! 🙁

I feel we can get the shade in some other brand for lesser price.. so not really planning to pick any other shade from this range, though they are some pretty shades available!

Check out the swatches below –


The ‘Yay’ factors:

  • Classy pencils with golden font
  • Easy to identify in a stack
  • Glazed Green is a pretty shade
  • Creamy bullet
  • Well pigmented
  • Smudge-proof
  • Water resistant
  • Staying power is amazing
  • Easily available across India
The ‘Nay’ factors:
  • Price
  • Not water proof
HnB rating: 3.5/5
If you don’t mind the price, definitely worth picking one!
Whatever I have tried from the Revlon Colorstay range so far, has worked well for me.

Your thoughts here...

Your thoughts here...