Products Abuzz, Giving it a Miss #2

This is one of my favorite kinda posts in the blog! :)Last time I did a post on similar lines HERE.

You must be thinking I’m crazy…”so many new launches & you don’t wanna pick one?” kinds…

But the fact is I somehow did not feel the urge at all to pick the following products, no matter how great they have been reviewed around…

Okay let’s see what those products are & why I am giving them a miss…

1. Lakme Cleanup Routine

Lakme is one brand we all must have a love & hate relationship with. In my case, it’s more hate than love.

Its been really long since I liked a Lakme product to the core.

I really liked the commercial for this cleanup routine, but the product somehow missed stirring equal “inquisitive” feel.

To top it up, Lakme is still to grow out their “fairness” range… They came up with another cleanup routine called the Fresh Fairness range.

I behaved as good as dead to this set as well.

2. Lakme Pop Tints – Lip Tints

Lakme Pop Tints & Kareena Kapoor were the talk out of the town during the Lakme Fashion Week when these were launched.

I did pick up a nail tint in Orange Squash shade and have reviewed the same HERE.

But somehow the swatches online nor the reviews made me feel something special about the lip tints.
The price was not helping too. Somebody remind Lakme that its a drugstore brand! 🙂
3. Revlon Ultimate Suede Lipstick
Another big launch in the recent times, though largely underplayed is the Revlon Ultimate Suede Lipstick.
They are aligned with Maybellines 14 hrs. Super Stay lipsticks & claim to stay put for about 16-18 hrs.

Maybelline ones felt drying on my already dry lips.. so I am not going any where near these Revlon ones.. 😀

4. Ponds India Fairness BB Cream

Another brand that has to grow outta the ‘fairness’ phase is Ponds.

Anything & everything the brand comes up with is associated with fairness. Be it their Flawless White range, White Beauty range or this latest BB cream too!

C’mon stop overselling a BB cream with a fairness tag. This was one big put-off for me, good enough not to try this latest lady in the town.

I am really happy with my Oriflame Very Me Peach Tinted Moisturizer as of now. (Reviewed HERE).

5. Maybelline Colorsensational High Shine Lip Gloss

If there is anything that is doing fab rounds in most beauty blogs now – it has to be this! 🙂

Attractive pricing & rave reviews is making everyone pick & try atleast one from this range.

I am more of a lipstick person & no matter how great a lip gloss has been reviewed, I never really get tempted to buy one.

As of now I am loving all the LOTDs in other blogs with these lip glosses.. 🙂

And yeah.. kudos to Maybelline… living up to its claims for a good drugstore brand (even with pricing)!!

6. Faces Ultime Pro Nail Lacquers

I am in my nail paint fanatic phase these days… Really loved some off-beat shades from the latest Faces Ultime Pro nail paints range.

Priced at 300 bucks a bottle, somehow I kept myself away from this cute babies…

7. Loreal Paris Color Riche Lipsticks & Nail Paints

Lastly, the Cannes candy…. Again the Color Riche range is priced at the higher end.

The classy packaging is a great plus! But I would rather spend 200 bucks more and get a MAC for myself rather than picking a Loreal one for its classy packaging…

I don’t think I am picking any nail paint too from this range that are priced at 285.

So, here is a list of products that are quite making news these days in the beauty world.. but I am not picking any of those.

How about you? Do you have a similar list? Are you too thinking on similar lines like me on a product?

Your thoughts here...


  • Hi Revathy, I really liked this post and thanks for highlighting that these brands are drugstore brands. I agree with you when it comes for Maybelline lipsticks as they are drying, not too much but they can dry out already dried lips.

    -I didn't know about Faces nail paints but they look tempting to me. I may want to try these.
    – L'Oreal has never been able to convince me for any products and pricing. I too think the same but no harm in trying out products if you like.
    – Damn! i love Maybelline Color Sensational glosses. they are moisturizing and pigmented with a sweet smell to them. Maybelline is already in my fav drugstore brands list for makeup.

    Let these posts keep coming for awareness. I would love to read them.


    • maybelline is one of my fav drugstore brands too Jiya! 🙂

      most maybelline & revlon stuff are a hit with me..once i m convinced tat they wud suit me 😀

      yeah.. faces nail paints are amazing & hv a wide range of shade choices.. sadly for me these lacquers are priced at 400 i believe n i m not able to push myself for it…

  • Hear, hear. I tried the Maybelline 14hr thingy, it went away after what, half an hour? So I dumped it on my poor Mum. So giving the suedes and the tints a miss. I hate it when they say whitening or anti-tan. I'm NC 37-40 depending on the weather, and USE fake tan (best thing for slimmer legs, arms and a suspected double chin). I don't want to "become white" or get rid of existing tan, thanks very much. If any of these things worked, the world's population would all look alike. Sadly, who'll tell people that?

  • My honest advice is to try products before disregarding them. If you're going to review or write about them without even attempting to make it work…its pointless.

    • hey dear.. this post is not a review nor am i m trying to disregard products here…

      i m just trying to put across why I may not buy certain products from my point of view..

      i believe i m the best to know when it comes to what i like & what would suit me…

  • You know what revs i totally agree with your entire post infact i haven't brought any from the above mentioned products coz i simply don't feel that are not extraordinary … betwn i am waiting if maybelline launch their vivids collection here 🙂

  • I m gonna get one of the Lakme lip tints but havent decided on any. I wanted to buy Loreal LE nail paints but too lazy to get out & buy. Guess it ll run outta stock before I buy!
    Rest of it, I m giving a pass!

  • I agree wd lakme , maybelline ones….They are just creating a buzz around in the blogosphere…somehow….I never picked any…Would not pick them too:) I already have revlon lip balm stains..and i am slowly finishng them…about the faces, maybelline, and revlon, –I skipepd them too…However, I picked 4 of the cannes colelction LE nail polishes…got attracted!!! 😛 also I picked up a nude shade from Loreal…:) What yo usaid is right..But I cant splurge on MAC……thgt to try atleast that shade:)…About the ponds BB cream..I hate anythign which comes with a whitening claim….Its flooding i nthe indian market…I somehow dnt understand…what do they mean by whitenign claim….I am NC 44 and I am proud f my skin tone and color!!! 🙂

Your thoughts here...