Premier Dead Sea Minerals Beautfiying Nail Kit

Good evening beauties!Here is a review on the first ever nail kit I have ever seen or used – Premier Dead Sea Minerals Beautifying Nail Kit.

Premier Dead Sea Minerals is an Israel-based company that manufactures products out of dead sea salts & minerals.

They have started setting shops/counters all over the country in major cities in malls & big shopping complexes. You might have already spotted one in your nearby mall, with those gorgeous Israeli beauties standing in their counters, inviting you for a trial of their products, before you get coaxed into buying one! 😀

Well.. I experienced a demo of this kit alongside their scrub & noir magic mask.. Totally impressed, not at the price tag though.

The kit consists of –

1. Magic Buffer Block
2. Hand & Body Lotion
3. Emery Nail Buffer
4. Nail Cuticle Oil

Price: INR 2500 for a kit of 4 products.

What the product claims:




The way I see it:

1. Magic Buffer Block

This is one miracle product for sure! It has 3 sides – one blue, black & then white.

The blue & black sides do not feel like emery.. they are plain & soft. The white side of the block is made of silk, which actually gives that glam touch at the end of the ritual.

You are supposed to rub each of the side on your nail one by one as mentioned on the buffer block to reveal extremely polished, shiny, glossy nails! 🙂

You are sure to be ‘aawww’ed by the look of your nails after a single use.

The company claims that your nail stays that way for the next 3 weeks to come – though I would say with household chores to manage, I found the gloss to have stayed put for 10 days in a row.

I don’t like feel like applying a nail paint over my glossy nails & just want to show them off. Just look how healthy & well-maintained they are! 🙂

Well… my horrible cuticles & dry hands is another story.. Never mind.

Here is the before & after look on the nails for you.. My index & middle finger glow like crazy & you can see how lost my little & ring finger look…

2. Hand & Body Lotion

This product contains dead sea minerals & is totally light-weight.

The lotion is a little runny, smells mildly of some perfume & sinks into the skin effortlessly.

It gives a very mild sheen to the skin on application & provides hydration upto 7 hrs. easily.

The tube is a little bulky, nonetheless travel-friendly.

3. Emery Nail Buffer

Nothing much to say about this – its just the emery board next door. Emery on both the sides.

I was actually in need of one, so this came at the right time I would say!

4. Nail Cuticle Oil

Another product I was badly in need of.

I wasn’t finding time to do a single mani or rather apply a hand cream in the past 45 days. My hands, particularly my cuticles were in bad shape & in dire need of some attention.

I am using this cuticle oil regularly & hope my dry cuticles get tamed by the end of the tube.

The product is a non-sticky oil. Just a drop is good enough for one hand. So this tube is gonna last long when it comes to usage.

I shall update you on how well my cuticles fared with regular usage of this product definitely. For now, I am liking it for sure!

I am still a little bothered about the price.. nevertheless good results from the kit is gonna balance out the price I feel.

Will you be interested in buying this kit, in case you get to lay your hands upon it?

Also do share, some nail care tips, particularly for dry cuticles in the comments section. Thankies!

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