Pee Safe Toilet Sanitizer and Multi-use wipes

Need of the hour, this is!In India, every woman traveller needs two things undoubtedly in her purse – one pepper spray, another a toilet spray! 🙂

I am very restrictive in using public toilets and washrooms, simply because of the lack of public hygiene and cleanliness!

Not anymore – since I have Pee Safe in my pocket!


PRICE – INR 120 for 75 ml


Personal hygiene and cleanliness is of great importance for everyone, especially women, children and senior citizens who are more susceptible to hygiene related issues. Frequent travel to different locations, visits to various places and using the available amenities, can pose serious health issues if the available amenities are unhygienic. There is a need for a sanitized bathroom for everyone.

When we conceptualised this product, we knew that it had to be of use for almost all sections of Indian society who use public toilets frequently. We also recommend this product for sick patients using the bed pan and people who have a low immunity.


Pee Safe Toilet Seat Sanitizer claims to kill 99.9% bacteria by sanitizing the toilet seat and at the same time deodorizing the washroom area with the a pleasant fragrance.

I quite like the minty fragrance of this product and will not have to worry about using a public washroom next time!

This is taking a definite place in my office bag and travel pouch! No more disgusting washroom experiences 🙂


PRICE – INR 60 for 10 wipes

Being a toddler’s mom, one thing that tops my shopping list is to have enough wet wipes at home! Its not just for the kiddo, but also to make sure whatever he usually touches or plays with is clean and tidy, since at this age my boy tries to put everything he lays his hands on into his mouth.

I usually have mini multi-use wet wipes pouches stashed in my bag, in the car, in my dresser, near the dining table – so that they are available everywhere and every time I need one.

These multi-use wipes are very handy while travelling, when you have to use public washrooms or eat something on the go!

Its a little pricey for the quantity – but it smells nice, is handy & alcohol free which makes up for it!

Highly recommend to include both these products in your hand bag, the next time you set out to travel! 🙂

You can buy both these products from


SafetyKart specializes in safety and health care products to customers concerned about safety, prevention, care. Their core specialty is in dealing with safety related products for women, adventure buffoons, child care among others.

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