Pedicure Pampering!

Gals,Winter is around…and its time your skin goes dry… we know you are already taking care of ur facial and body skin by keeping them hydrated and protected… but do not forget to protect ur feet.. they too are exposed to the harsh climate as the rest of ur body and need some special care too..

This post is about pampering your feet with some DIY (Do It Yourself) Pedicure @ Home. This method has been personally tried and found to be effective.

Step 1: Soak

Foot soaking not only helps in cleaning up your feet but also can help you relax while doing a pedicure.

Fill a tub with warm water, add some tea tree oil to vanish all the harmful and stinky germs. Add some bath salts or Epsom salts to help you relax and rejuvenate. since they contain ocean herbs, minerals and essential oils. You can add peppermint oil too for freshening.

Remember to remove all traces of nail paint on your toes before you soak your feet.

Think you can’t do all this or don’t have time? Buy a ready-made foot soak from the market and add to the water.

Step 2: Scrub

Scrubbing your feet is the next important step which removes the dead and rough skin cells on your feet.

Sugar and salt both are great scrubbing agents available readily at home. Mix them with very little quantities of olive oil or almond oil, that the sugar or salt granules don dissolve. Sugar/salt does the scrubbing while the oils moisturize your feet.

Massage for a 2-3 minutes over the toes, foot till the ankles. You can massage your way till the calf too. 🙂
Rinse off with warm water.

Ready- made foot scrubs are available in the market or any face scrub that you found too abrasive for your facial skin can be used on the foot too.

Step 3: Brush

Wet a pumice stone or emery foot brush and apply little body wash over it. Brush it against your entire foot using a back-and-forth motion and also on the heel and toe.

Toe tips generally tend to have hard skin due to body weight or people who stand for long hours during work.

Brush gently, applying only enough pressure on the skin so as to remove rough skin or calluses.

Step 4: Trim & File

Use a big nail clipper to trim your toe nails. An useful tip here would be to trim your nails straight across their length and file their corners to get the desired shape.

A rounded shape would prevent nail ingrowth.

Step 5: Moisturize

Apply some good moisturizer that suits your skin or use one that is specially made for the feet.

Dab the moisturizer all over the feet, toes, ankles up till the calf muscles and gently massage so that its gets absorbed into the skin.

Initially massage using circular motions while applying the cream or lotion and once it is absorbed do a kneading motion using your hands which will improve blood circulation.

Step 6: Paint

Ok.. now that you are done with the massage.. the next step is to beautify your toes. Yes its nail paint time!
But before you apply your nail polish, take care to follow these tips.

Always use a non-acetone nail polish remover. Acetone is harmful on the nails and dries them out.
Dab some of it over a cotton ball and wipe on your nails to get rid of massage cream if any, sticking to your nail corners thoroughly.

Apply a base coat first before the nail color. Base coat contains protein, Vitamin E, calcium and other nutritive compounds – all of them or any of them in it. This helps to strengthen your nails and also act as a primer for the nail pain to stay longer.

While applying color, start from just above the cuticle to the tip of the toe. Do go for a second coat after completing all the 10 toes. Apply a top coat, so that it seals the color in and also helps in quick-drying.

I also have heard some people applying cuticle oil after the color has dried, which nourishes the cuticle and also adds up to the shine of the paint.

Hope you all loved this simple to follow @Home Pedicure and will try it out too.

Get beautiful legs this New Yr. In all this pedicure would require 20 mins of your time including the nail paint application.

Do let us know how much you enjoyed your pedicure.


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