Pat McGrath Labs Lust MatteTrance Lipstick – Elson | Review & Swatches

Pat McGrath, the mother of makeup, rightly so called just dropped her latest range of Lust: MatteTrance Lipsticks collection. The collection has lipsticks in nine shades and has been making waves ever since their announcement.

These got launched in the brand’s official website on July 19.

I am one of those beauty crazy souls that waited with bated breadth for the lipsticks to go live and grab atleast one for myself. Not that I didn’t want them all, but currently my pocket cannot afford to be that lightweight ๐Ÿ™‚


This range shall be limited edition and comes in 9 shades. One can buy all the 9 shades as a vault for $275 and the singles retail for $38 each. The brand also has trios to offer for $95 each grouped according to their color families –

  • Skin Show Trio (1995, Omi, Flesh 3) – neutral shades
  • Colour Blitz (Elson, Full Panic, Obsessed) – brights
  • Vicious Venoms (Antidote, Deep Void, McMenamy ) – vampy/fall shades

Some shades are named after Pat’s longtime friends – Naomi Campbell, Karen Elson & Kristen McMenamy.

These lipsticks have been the talk of the town ever since Pat used them on the models in Prada’s runway this May 2017.


Do not think this will be the question on any beauty enthusiast’s mind, but may be in beauty outsiders and beginners out there.

Pat McGrath is a highly regarded makeup artist in the upper beauty circle and has been launching her own line of makeup products since 2015 that manages to get sold out every single time! She works in atleast 60 shows in every fashion season they say! So you are getting a brand designed, developed and tested by the one “who knows it all”.


All the lipsticks come in a golden pouch filled with golden sequins and the lipstick carefully placed alongside the sequins in another golden wrapper. Such a stress buster packaging that makes you feel happy-go-lucky like a kid!

Lust:MatteTrance is here to charm you with its looks. The shiny black metallic outer case with golden rims and a cute pair of 3D lips studded at the bottom, bowled me over at first sight. The packaging was enough for me to simply decide, that I needed atleast one of these in my life.

Another thoughtful yet impressive thing that Pat did with these lipsticks is that the golden studded lips on the case always stays towards the front when you are applying lipstick. Means, its always facing the mirror or someone standing opposite you when you use this. Enough to have them envious for atleast few minutes!

One can rotate the lipstick bottom (black metallic portion) like any other lipstick or rotate the golden portion of the bottom – the lipstick rotates and always manages to come out in a way convenient for application, with the golden lips facing outwards. It seems it took 2 years for Pat and her team to design this…Kudos! (You may check Nikki Tutorials video for the same if this doesn’t give much clarity to you).


The lipstick has a satin finish though it looks quite matte in the bullet. It glides like butter on the lips.

Immediately upon application, the lipstick looks slightly sheeny or glossy, but that goes away in few minutes for a satiny finish.

The lipstick never looks utterly matte ever on the lips – never dry. Its feels really comfortable on the lips as if I am wearing nothing.

Just one swipe – JUST ONE is enough for power-packed lips since these have amazing pigmentation and texture. It doesn’t settle into the fine lines of lips nor emphasize them.

The shade does not bleed either, but its advised to use with a lip liner since it has a creamy, satiny finish. But yes it does transfer like crazy and also tends to stain the teeth.

The lipstick has a wear time of about 6 hours with light snacks and drinks. But with a heavy meal, though it transfers, it doesn’t go away completely and simply leave a tint. You will still find good amount of lipstick on your lips, though with reduced intensity.


The shade I picked is a cool-toned, true-blue red in the name – Elson. Its such a glamorous red that elevates the whole look with or without full on makeup.

It brightens up the face amazingly and makes you feel so confident! A great red that would suit all skin tones and perfect for dates or parties or just anywhere!

I am loving the packaging and the shade. This is currently my go-to lipstick even for running errands. All I do is put on some skin tint and dab this lipstick – I am good to go like a siren!



I am eyeing one more shade from this range when it debuts in Sephora on July 29.

If you are a beauty enthusiast or sucker for pretty packaging in makeup products, you need to have at least one of this 3D pucker lip packaging in your vanity! The formula and color payoff is great.

Would you be interested to see a post on a simple date night look I created with this lipstick?

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