Palmolive Ayurituel Energy Shower Gel (Ginger & Indian Sandalwood)

While shopping for groceries this month, I casually glanced at the personal care section where this wonderfully smelling shower gel was waiting for me!

Though there is no dearth of shower gels in my closet, I still picked this new launch – Palmolive Ayurituel Energy Shower Gel in Ginger & Indian Sandalwood variant.
The mix of fragrance is eclectic – spicy & energizing ginger mixed with calming & indulging sandalwood.
I love both ginger & sandalwood fragrances.. TBS Ginger Sparkle range is one of my favorites & its been quite a while since I used anything containing sandalwood.
One sniff at this & I knew I gotta pick it! 🙂
The shower gel is a transparent orangey-brown liquid.. a little runny at that.
Lathers amazingly well & totally zings up my mood everytime I shower using this!
I love the fragrance to this extent that every time I glance at this, I end up sniffing it.. 😀
For 160 bucks, the quantity is huge & there is nothing to blame this shower gel for. The quality is that of high end brands too!
There is no slimy feeling post wash. But the fragrance doesn’t linger once outta the shower – this is one major con for me!
There is one more variant – Mulberry & Indian Lotus which is a nice floral fragrance too. 
If you chance upon to sight this at your nearby store, don’t forget to take a sniff & cart it to home! 🙂

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  • Hehe… I do read ur blogs dear! 🙂 You're doing a great job!
    Well… I didn't find the other 2 shades in store (didn't get a chance to go out shopping after Feb :D). Saw the other shades in a website.. found the peach glow interesting.. I'm sure they'll be shimmery too :/

    Will surely try the Lakme absolute highlighter. thanks! 🙂

  • whoa Liza.. so glad to see ur comment here.. <3

    where did u spot the other two shades in hyd? i wanna know if they are shimmery too… sure.. i shall upload pics if i get to lay my hands on them…

    try lakme absolute highlighter.. u wil love it 🙂

  • Hmmm… actually the Rose Glow palette looks better… not sure how
    Bronze glow and Peach glow would look on Indian skin…I tried NYX tango
    with bronzer powder & found it too shimmery for my skin, the
    product otherwise is very good though! Lets see how these palettes turn
    out.. If you try them on ur skin, do share the snaps 🙂

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