Oxyglow Bearberry & Grape Fairness Face Wash

Happy weekend gals! :)Sharing the review on Oxyglow Bearberry & Grape Fairness Face Wash with you all in this post.

This the second product I am trying from Oxyglow. I had tried the Oxyglow Henna Shampoo before.

Price: INR 70 for 50 ml. (This tube got 30% extra product too)

Shelf life: 3 yrs.


Aqua, SLES, SLS, Glycerin, Olivem, Grapeseed extract, Aloevera extract, Bearberry extract, Chamomile extract.


It comes in a transparent tube with a gray flip-open cap. Sturdy & travel friendly packaging.

What the product claims:

Rich in conditioning agents, this special face wash serves the dual purpose of preventing the roughness of the skin by deep cleansing the pores & restoring the optimum moisture balance.

Its regular usage makes the skin visibly clean , clear & radiantly youthful.

The way I see it: 

Last time I was at mom’s place, I tried the Oxyglow Henna Shampoo and quite liked it.

Mom remembered this and so got me this tube of face wash from the same brand.

The products is a transparent gel with navy blue beads floating in it. It is a little runny in consistency.

The fragrance is berry-ish, a tad strong though – but I like it.

The product undoubtedly lathers well (glance at the ingredients once again) and produces a creamy lather.

One is supposed to crush the blue beads before lathering the product in the hands.

The face wash get rids of dirt & makeup pretty well, but is not effective on waterproof eye makeup removal.

It does not dry out my normal skin too.

Overall, this has been faring well – but this product is nothing but liquid soap.

Being loaded with surfactants is one major problem for me.(Atleast I don’t want this much!)

Plus, the blue beads are really scary – they appear to be nothing but color additives (lead?) to me!

Take a look at how the beads look when crushed below –

Though this face wash works well, it doesn’t hit a wicket with me. Needless to mention about the ‘fairness’ claim.

I m just using this as a hand wash now & wanna get rid of this soon.

Mom felt bad when I mentioned this to her, that she got something wrong for me 🙁 (Totally not her blame)

But feels she is more educated on this now 🙂

So, I recommend you not to opt for this facewash.

Oxyglow is the second brand – whose products I have decided not to pick ever in the future.

Wondering what is the first in the list then? Wait for a review soon! 😀

Well, I am not against any brand – but such things in the name of ‘natural’ or ‘herbal’ doesn’t get down well with me.

Note: I do not want to list the ‘Yay’ & ‘Nay’ factors for this product –  I am really upset with this one.

No rating too.


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