Our French Connection – A Cannes 2012 Round-up – Mallika Sherawat!

Phew! Time for some hot jalebis and chai in the evening!Why not some jalebi bai too?!

Presenting Mallika Sherawat – a museum artifact! I m sorry abt such a remark.. I just don’t seem to get along with any of her things!

Look# 1

This was her first appearance at the Cannes this year… in a Victoria Beckham’s figure-hugging dress in brown!

The dress accentuates her curves and I quite like the cowl neck… Her only accessories were a small pendant & a complimenting watch!

The dress color could have been better…

The messy hair-do didn’t go quite well with me.. but overall with minimal makeup.. she fares better – much better than her previous Cannes appearances!

Look# 2

Her second appearance was for the AMFAR dinner in a nude gown, figure-hugging yet again with a hood..

The design is by French designer – Ali Mahdavi!

To me its simply a body-hugging burqa in nude.. but  I like the red lips which go well with the overall look.

Look# 3

As if the earlier nude gown was not enough, she came up with another nude gown in her next appearance!

Though the cut & silhoutte of this dress is fine, it did no good to Mallika… I believe! It doesn’t suit her complexion..

We all have seen many backless outings.. but this backless + sideless combo is a disaster.

The high-held hair bun and winged eyes straight outta 70s didn’t help either!

Can rememb a foto of her in this dress with Jackie Chan with a forced smile! – I understand why!

She looked much better in Beckham’s dress I would say!

Look# 4

Here’s another click of her dancing with the Hollywood throb – Antonio Banderas!

A nice black gown – the lipstick could have been brighter n bolder..

But I don understand the link between nude gowns, nudity & Mallika anyhow!

Next – Fashion’s favorite child!


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