Our French Connection – A Cannes 2012 Round-up – Aishwarya Rai!

Hey all…Have been wanting to do a Cannes post since the film festival started… and also have been reading about what fellow bloggers have to say about the celebrities and their styling..

Presenting a round-up on the recently concluded Cannes Film Festival here @ HnB..

First our very own beauty queen.. Ash!


Her first appearance was in this Angelo Katsapis maxi dress, when the whole world was waiting what would Ash wear at the Cannes!

Look# 1

This flowing maxi dress helped her a lot without accentuating her big curves. The simple hairstyling and minimal makeup and accessories add to the monochrome effect of this dress.

I quite like this styling and personally feel that she shut all the gossip-bound mouths expecting her to come to Cannes with an all-Indian wardrobe!

Look# 2

Well.. like everybody I too have mixed reviews on this look of Ash!

The saree is beautiful with detailed chikankari work and contrast border with intricate embroidery again.

The jacket was the best way to hide flabs according to me and I totally go with the way the saree was draped. The hair is put up as a high bun with a gold band and some flowing hair.

The eye makeup is heavy with smoky eyes but subtle eyeshadows and complimenting lip shade & gloss.

I feel she is posing very artificially.. this happens in almost every pose of her.. (look at her hands in the left pic).. which sometimes brings down the whole elegance of the attire!

Look# 3

Ash scored in this Roberto Cavalli kaftan gown… yet another oh-so-flowy dress from Ash in this Cannes for a photocall..

She wore strappy sandals, minimal makeup and accessories and simple hair-do yet again!

Look# 4

The final appearance of Ash at the Cannes was in an Elie Saab number.. one of her favorite desginer for Cannes!

This gray number with lace detailing had no skin show but was clinging on to Ash making her look all the more huge!

The thin waist belt adds to the volume in the waist… But kudos to Ash – who pulled it off confidently and loving her the way she is!

Though Ash is know to be the plastic and ice-queen in the industry, she managed to handle all her critics quite well and scoring from various quarters for being the mom she is inspite of a celebrity!

She could have easily avoided Cannes.. citing baby-sitting! But she went ahead and told the world what she is worth of!

I really appreciate this aspect of her!

You are as much as worth as you think about yourself only!

Next round-up – Freida Pinto!


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