Oriflame Very Me Funky Eye Pencils – Review!

Hey buddies..Product under the lens today is Oriflame Very Me Funky Eye Pencils in two shades – Blue & Green!

These pencils were part of my Oriflame/Avon haul in March. You can check out what all I hauled here.

Oriflame had newly introduced these pencils in their March catalogue in four shades – Blue, Green, Purple & Brown.

My choices were Blue & Green that are to be reviewed here..


INR 100 each I think as an introductory offer.


Retractable pencils with the body of the pencil same as the shade of the eyeliner.

The cap and the bottom is of black and the entire packaging looks tiny and cheap!

The way I see it:

Well in the first place..  I was shocked to see the pencils when they reached me.

See a comparison of size below with a Maybelline lip gloss..(ooh! they look fat in the pic.. not in reality)

They were way too tiny than anybody could imagine..  🙁  So for 100 bucks its a raw deal!

Second that would strike you is the packaging… the black teeny-weeny font and the cheap plastic just don’t impress… not expected from Oriflame atleast!

Finally coming to the product itself, the pigmentation ain’t that great and you have to swipe multiple times to get the desired shade.

Both the shades – blue & green have a pearly finish but do not have any shimmers. Hence safe for waterline!

They stay put for say 2 hours in the waterline and little more better in the upper lashline and starts to fade away in 4 hrs.

An eye primer or base is a must to wear such eyeliners – since this is not either smudge-proof or water-proof.

The blue is a lighter shade of a royal blue while the green is that of a leaf green shade. See  swipes below (single and multiple swipes alternatively)

The cap is loose and could create a mess if put in your bag – and also you might end up searching too much for this nano pencil!


The ‘Yes’ factors:

  • Shades with pearly finish
  • No sharpening required


The ‘Nay’ factors:

  • Tiny in size
  • Cheap plastic
  • Average pigmentation
  • Availability & pricing
  • Fades in 2 hrs.
  • Not smudge- & water-proof

Repurchase? –  No way! Not even for free..

Recommend?  – Needless to say! Well.. its no more available in the catalog too..Lucky you! ;p


Your thoughts here...


  • @Manya – yeah.. the only good thing about these is the shade.. baaki sab bakwaas!

    @Devarati – ha ha! seriously na.. they look like samples only!

  • i have the blue one and when i got the pencil , first time i saw it and i thought may be i got a sample product but then i realize no this is the pencil i ordered :
    i simply hate hate hate this product 😛

Your thoughts here...