Oriflame Swedish Spa Naturals Soap

Heyya gals… How are you all doing?Today I am reviewing a soap from Oriflame. Its the Oriflame Swedish Spa Naturals soap.

This is my first product from their Swedish spa range & it is one of the most raved ranges from Oriflame.

Price: INR 99 for 100 g. ( I got this for INR 79 when on offer)

Ingredients: Listed on the outer cover.


It comes in a transparent plastic cover with sea green labels.

The way I see it:

The soap is a beautiful sea green bar with “Oriflame” embedded on its top.

There are also some brown granules that could be spotted which act as exfoliating agents.

Oriflame claims this soap to be a massage bar.Β This soap comes with grooves on one side, which provides a massaging effect when directly rubbed on the skin.

Frankly speaking, I felt no massaging effect while doing so but it did feel good and different to use the groovy side of the bar.

Coming to the fragrance, it has got this nice beachy, sand-like fragrance to it. Something that I totally love..

It totally relaxes me..and mind you.. the smell is much lesser on the skin while using the soap than while sniffing at it.

The soap lathers really well & doesn’t melt away that easily. It would last for 2 months atleast, with daily use.

The brown particles are not any great for scrubbing and are not harsh on the skin too. But, sensitive skin may not like it.

The fragrance doesn’t linger even for 5 minutes on the skin – once you are out of bath, its out too..

It is not very drying on the skin, though doesn’t warrant to miss your moisturization routine.

Overall, a soap bar that is worth buying for its looks, fragrance & long-lasting ability.

This soap has been discontinued by Oriflame from January 2013. Hence I do not want to list its pros & cons here.

Have you tried this soap? What is your take on it?


Your thoughts here...


Your thoughts here...