Oriflame Nature Secrets Soap Bar with Mint & Raspberry

Heyya gals…Back with another post.. yet another product under the lens this time.

Let’s see about Oriflame Nature Secrets Soap Bar with Mint & Raspberry today.


Price: INR 79 for 75 g. (Available on offer)

The way I see it:

First look at the packaging only is pretty refreshing.. loads of green & pink = <3

The soap is a pink bar with smoothened edges at either side to give the look of a jewel.

The fragrance of the soap is mild & not overpowering. .which is very important for even a fragrance-lover like me.

It smells of raspberry pre-dominantly though you can get some notes of mint too, while actually using the soap.

The soap lathers well & doesn’t wean quickly or get gooey with water. With daily use, this soap would last a month or even a little more.

Yes.. like any other soap, this one is a little drying on the skin.. but not overtly drying that u feel scaly after a wash.

I got normal-dry skin & feel I can manage the dryness with a regular moisturizer only.

I’m into floral fragrances mostly & fruity ones are not really my go-to ones.. but I definitely do enjoy this mildly fragrant raspberry bar.. 🙂

Oriflame also has other fruity variants like – Peach & Basil, Aloe & Watermelon, Mango & Jojoba in their ‘Nature Secrets’ collection.

If you are not into soaps at all – you might as well try the shower gels in the above fragrances, which are mostly on offer too.

The ‘Yay’ factors:

  • Attractive packaging
  • Comfy soap size
  • Fruity fragrance with a hint of mint
  • Mild fragrance, not overpowering the nostrils
  • Lathers well
  • Doesn’t melt crazy or get gooey under water
  • Many other variants available too
  • Shower gels available in the same fragrances
The ‘Nay’ factors:
  • A little drying
  • Some may find it expensive for a bar of soap
I generally like soaps from Oriflame for their subtle fragrance yet good quality. I shall probably give the other variants a try – either their soaps or shower gels for sure.
Availability of Oriflame is no more an issue I believe – since Oriflame consultants are found easily in every other city these days.
You can reach out to me as well, in case you are looking for Oriflame/Avon products.

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